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Sir Paul Scoon (RIP) : A stately earthly departure, Vero! Vero! (indeed)

I was so appreciative to be able to watch the online live streaming of Sir Paul Scoon’s state funeral. (Thanks Arthur!) The church looked beautiful with the floristic arrangements of predominantly bird of paradise and ginger flowers. The black and white square tiled aisle of St Peter’s flooded the memories of Gouyave. As soon as the tenor sang 'I vow to thee my country' - I knew I had to pay careful attention, as I fought back the tears.

The GBSS choir combined with the old and young schoolboys was just emotionally moving as they sang the Alma Mater. The very stately, as usual, Royal Grenada police force in their whiter than white uniform, oh I just knew Sir Paul draped over with the national flag, was in very safe hands. It was state funeral with a difference, because Sir Paul was outstandingly and exceptionally different, because he was a man who walked with his Creator, so his uniqueness was modestly diffused into the all associated pomp and ceremony.

Thanks Sir Paul, one of the hymns that was sung was my favourite: Be not afraid, I go before you always…..and yes, Sir Paul, I started to cry. Thank you for going ahead of your fellow Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique brother and sisters.

Once again, towards the end, the tenor/soprano (soloists) was superb, what voices….. but not as stately and graceful as the flag that draped over his casket. And as the placard in the church stated, Sir Paul .....you are free indeed ....to claim the even higher gifts of heaven. So, death where is your victory?

And lastly, forum authors, I have to blame Sir Paul…..because I was so fixated by the live streaming and flowing tears…..my dinner was nearly burnt!

Sir Paul, may you rest in perfect peace in Jesus Name. Amen.