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Temperature rising : Cool it down!

I read with interest an online article, about trained nurses who are currently unemployed and the availability of opportunities to work on another neighbouring island are being offered for a certain number. As far as I am aware, (and I stand to be corrected) most countries have a training quota, so every year, they will train, for example, a certain number of nurses, who should get jobs, taking into account retirement, promotion, resignation etc. etc. (or a number of teachers, carpenters etc).Some countries may set up additional or use external funding which are given to the necessary departments etc, so they can train more personnel, but at the end of the 'global' training for some - no jobs.

Every global member of a community, with whatever degree of sense, sensibility or even sensitivity will of course be moved, and quick to acknowledge that every qualified persons who just come off ‘the training conveyor belt’ should have a job. What are the number one reason for not having a job in the world today: - global recession and that answer fits perfectly into the global ‘monoculturism’ model. Or laymen answer, all over the world, it is the same thing? But is it? Does the mathematical equation contain the correct symbols to equate the no jobs dilemma?

From my perspective, there is nothing more demoralising than to be trained in your area of interest, and at the end you have no job – heart rendering, of course it is . It’s no point in crying over it, because intertwined in parts of global employment societal history it has always occurred and will continue to occur at varying percentages. The people, who celebrated these, (hopefully not for long ) unemployed nurses’ initial ‘nursing’ journey with an wide ocean of hope, now place their hand under the chin and ponder. With a multiple of 'no answer', questions emerging? Did this person choose the right path, she/he was good at this you know, should she/he have done this or that? Mr So and so voice their concerns…etc etc….as the pain for a solution perpetuates, not only for ordinary folks but for the whole international community.

Seeking opportunities elsewhere has always been an optional and at times a personal decision. Some people do not care where they go, as long as they can start putting into practice what they have learnt – fair enough. But those who may travel and do not really want to go, that is where the heartache begin. And from a sociological viewpoint, commences once more, possibility of grandparents left with children (as the case may be), children distributed around to family members, loved one left behind, and …. ticket booked, off to new lands to fulfil the dream of putting theory into practice. And of course, I wished all the nurses well in all their endeavours, as I shout from the rooftop, Happy Nursing! And not omitting the ones who may not be selected, all I can say, is One day……something will come up out of the blue!

Father God, I bring before you all the nurses in Grenada who are currently without a job (and including all persons who are currently seeking work on the island). Father, whatever opportunities are offered and accepted, guide, protect and bless all their contributory efforts to put their theory into practice for the good of their own and the wider society in Jesus name I pray Amen.