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According to Ten, Ten WINS, a news only radio station in New York, "A Strategic Gasoline Reserve is coming to Long Island." Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York, made the announcement yesterday.

The reserve will have a capacity to hold three million gallons of gasoline that will be used in case of a disaster.

First responders (Ambulances, Fire Trucks, and Policemen) and motorists alike, will benefit from the strategic gasoline reserve in an emergency.

This idea for building the strategic gasoline reserve came on the hills of Hurricane Sandy which happened on October 29th, 2012, and pounded Lower Manhattan, Queens, and Long Island in its wake, and left significant damages behind.

Many homes, and schools, and playgrounds were damaged (badly), by Hurricane Sandy. Most areas that were hit by Sandy were cleaned up, and went back to normalcy. Except the Insurance Companies who haven't paid up some homes and business owners, that suffered immensely from the storm, to rebuild their homes and business places.

These home and business owners have no chioce than to wait for the Federal Government money to come to them next year: more than six billion dollars in all.

And, wiith a contingent plan, (for the next major storm) in hand, the Governor is acting on the lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy, to avert the crisis, and especially the long lines at the gas pumps.

The long lines at the gas pumps were caused by the lack of electrical power at the gas stations. Because they'd no back-up generators to pump gasoline out of their storage tanks.

The strategic gasoline reserve is the first of its kind in the nation, and it'll good for busy places like the five boroughs of New York.

That's most certainly a best way to move forward, to spare the city from woes and headaches in times of natural disasters.

Thumbs up to the Governor, for his cleaver thinking!