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I have lived long enough to value every day I open my eyes.

I have lived long enough to value every day I open my eyes.

I have lived long enough to understand
That tomorrow in not promised to anyone
And the joy of today can swiftly turn to sorrow
And sorrow often rush in as an unwelcome surprise.

I live lived long enough to realize that material gain is a blessing
But only for the brief span we have to enjoy it
For eventually, we will return to the soil with empty hands.
I have never seen a U-Haul truck following a funeral bearing one’s earthly possessions.

I have live long enough to observe people rise to prominence
Then turn their backs on those they knew before the fame
But they cling once more to the forgotten ones
When misfortune knock them to the ground.

I have lived long enough to see the wrath called retribution
Descend like big stones on the heads of those who embrace evil
And people remark that they are victims of blight
But it is only their wickedness catching up with them.

I have lived long enough to know that faith in God is essential
For without faith one cannot face the future with confidence.
I have lived long enough to appreciate the goodwill of family and friends
And I have been pleasantly warmed by the compassion that flows from loving hearts.

I have lived long enough to value every day I open my eyes
And every time I smell a rose, observe the mountain greenery
Or look at a beautiful sunset
I pause to thank the Creator for sparing my life.
Anthony Wendell DeRiggs