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Sou Sou has always been the poor man's way of saving parts of his hard earned money. What was more important was that the advantages one had to use the Sou Sou hand when hed gotten it. The lump sum was actually the participants of the Sou Sou's own money, but it was a reasonable way to save it. The banks were strict with their lending of monies to those who had no collerrals, and even if one had put their money into a savings account in the banks, it would have taken many years to get a ssubstantial interest on it. And also, the banks would've made more on your money, than what they paid you as interest on your money.

Sou Sou is an international thing. It is being held in some of the richest countries around the world. In Venezuela, it was done with the person who ran the Sou Sou getting a complete hand as payment for managing the Sou Sou. I never understood it, but I saw that it was a responsibility for the Sou Sou runner to have, for the times when someone couldn't make the weekly payment,.especially after they'drreceived their hand. That was when the Sou Sou's manager had to fork out money from his/her own pocket to cover up for the shortages of any mishap (bad payment/out of a job person(s), etc.) that might've occurred during the weeks that the Sou Sou was held for.

Around the communities where I live, Sou Sou is done regular by the Jamaicans,.Trinidadians,.and even a smaller number of Grenadians. It has no look to it that the tradition will die soon. Many people prefer to join a Sou Sou, than saving their money in the bank. With the banks, if you don't maintain a certain amount of money in your banking account, you'll have to pay for that. With the Sou Sou, if you are unable to continue making your weekly payments, you can simply drop out of the whole thing, without having the extra worries if paying a fine for you opting out of the Sou Sou.

Sou Sou was a remarkable way for mothers and fathers to see their way through ordinary life. Some folks were able to build their homes, send their children to school, with books and complete uniforms, gave their kids the opportunity to commune and confirm, with a one or two hands drawn from a Sou Sou.

I cannot say whether or not a Sou Sou is better than saving one's money in a bank, but overall, I think that Sou Sou is a much better help for those who have urgent use for money - to get money,.without having to pay huge interest on it afterwards.

By the way, Sou Sou helped Mama to get me started out in High School on a good foot!