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Why is that place called "The Homestead?'

As best as I know a homestead is the combination of the land and the house that sits on it that is owned by a homeowner. I checked the dictionary to see if I was right and as it turned out I am. By that definition every homeowner in Gouyave and wherever else are all homesteaders. The idea of homesteading is usually held in such reverence that in Miami for example the value of your property is automatically reduced by $25,000 before property taxes are assessed. Down there they call it Homestead Exemption.

That being the case, can anyone explain why only ONE such place in Gouyave was referred to as "The Homestead?" What made that place so special that it alone was designated with that term that continues to this day?

It's easy to get the point when you hear "the Great House" because that's where the estate owners lived. It's psychological implication was another form of mental brow-beating to make the slaves submit to their lowly status. But "The Homestead?" What message were they conveying?

There is so much that many of us are yet to know about how Gouyave became what it is. Things just didn't happen, there's always a reason why they do!

Re: Why is that place called "The Homestead?'

Tony, sometime last year I read an article about "the Homestead" but I can't remember if the information was from Wendell or if it was from an article by Mr Hughes.