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Hey, fishing wasn't for everybody. Some people were cut out for different things. Your cuz had a big brother who was one of the masters of the sea, so it would've been easy for Arthur to learn to fish and swim from him, if he wanted to.

Eating fish had always been an healthy habit. Fish oils are filled with Omega3, that's good for the heart, and to prevent a stroke, especially in older folks. But, that was then; this is now. Strokes, and heart attacks are prevalent among the young people these days. Every young person should consider cutting out red meat from their diet, and eat fish like the mackerel and the salmon, just to name a few, instead of any red meat. Arthur was right to learn the ways of eating fish, as much as he did.

Arthur was a good deejay; he had one of the biggest sound systems in the early days in Gouyave. His communication skills were great. He advised those that sought advices from him in the right way. In a way, he'd some of the characteristics that Mr. Millette, the famous shoe maker in Gouyave had. Mr. Millette never spoke, without uttering the right words.

It's nice and certainly a wonderful thing, that Arthur followed in Mr. Millette's footsteps, apart from being a shoemaker. Lol!!!


Thanks DNJ but you are very wrong about the fishing part. I consider myself a ok fisherrman based on my exploits. i never did the "ocean" but did quite a few "banks" along the western side to the point where i did not have to buy fish for many months, even at timess giving friends fish, ha ha ha!

i was the owner of a fishing boat that i use every saturday and sunday to go fishing.

Fishing is a very relaxing hobby, in recent years especially after my near death experience, i took up fishing on the rock and jetties. i got myself an "ugly stik" fishing rod and trrust me, it was hour of catching nothing but hours just relaxing and lettting the imgination flow. i came out off that fishing hobby a better person. however, the greed in me wanted more, i wanted to catch fish( i was supposed to....I AM A GOUYAVEMAN. And so with that in mind i venture into the open seas. From rock hind to butter fish to young tur as big as 32 lbs.......now a days i hardly find the time in the last year to conttinue my hobby but my plans are to buy a bigger boat that i can hook up to my vehicle and go fishing as offten as possible.

last thing, with all the boasting, i had to get two other guys to be my captian and sailorman, lol

have a happy new year all.


Your welcome!

It wouldn't Gouyave, without fishermen. And, so, you'd your equal share of fishing. About the fishing boat, I didn't know that you'd owned one. Fishing seemed to be in your blood, because I felt the kind of love you had for it. But, as time changes, so do men. However, it shouldn't be difficult for you to start fishing again. Like you said, the only thing in your way is time. Hope that time will soon be on your side,.so that you can start again to enjoy your larger fishing boat, and haul in the biggest fish ever caught in Grenada.

For one thing, you picked up fishing as a hobby, just like my younger brother, Clanney. It was done after you completing high school. That'd made fishing for you more relaxing, because you could have picked your name up from the street. Most fishermen in in my time couldn't have done that! Your big brother, Michael, wasn't one of them. He went to school regularly, before he turned into a fisherman. Michael and I were classmates in The St. John's Roman Catholic School. By, and large, Michael was an excellent student throughout his years in school.

I recall an incident that Michael had when he was a fisherman in Gouyave. He sustained a serious injury from a dive into the sea water somewhere close to Windsor Park, now known as Cuthbert Peters Lark. The injury was to his head. The entire town of Gouyave was sad, after that incident. Every one prayed for Michael, and wished him a speedy recovery. And, so, he did recover nicely, for the injury he sustained from that dive into the sea.

Anyway, be good, and keep taking good care of yourself.

And, enjoy the rest of 2014!