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Re: I miss the sea smell of Gouyave

That's what I call REMINISCING. I get those memories when I am watching a movie with a tropical scene. The young generation would not know about those wonderful days. TV and Computers have taken over the good old days. BTW I am not against modern day technology. Just my opinion.

Re: I miss the sea smell of Gouyave

Not to long ago, a friend of mine from St. Vincent, and I, were speaking about the smell of the nights gone by. We spoke about the sweet smelling frgrances of the flowers that gave full meaning to the night. As it was, one could've smell the fragrance from a distance, especially when a light breeze was blowing in the air. The smell did get stronger as the nighttime hours went by. We wondered if the nights in the Windward Islands still have that sweet smell to it, because we both knew that things have changed drastically in these places over the years. Especially with the lack of trees, as it used to be.

Like the man said in his song: "Where mongoose use to run, bus a drive there now!"

Anyway, as some parts of the islands have turned to industrialized areas, the factories have overtaken the smell from the flowers, by night, and replaced it with their chemical substance - some of which causes cancer in both humans and animals as well. It was a long, and excruciating journey somewhat, from then, to now; but, still, it was for the better for an eaiser life, as they say. Only that the effects it has on the lifespan of most living things around is shortened, and it is worth taking a good look.at. What I mean is that: what had seemed to be a good option then, may in fact be the worst, where health issues are concerned.

The sea is a very good example of how good, or bad, all the changes we've seen over the years were for life itself! It's filled with murcury, and all sorts of garbage on could think of.

Still, I love the sea as much as I did as a youth. It's an interesting thing to watch the waves and flying birds over it.

The sea has always have a fresh smell to it. And, so, you brought back one of the many things I'd enjoyed as a little boy, who grew up not too far away from the sea. The sea smell wasn't a sometimes-ish smelling thing; it was a daily smell that we'd in Gouyave! Even when the sea was in quiet mood, the smell of it was there. But, It wouldn't surprise me today, if the sea smell is lost, because of the many changes that occurred over the last thirty, or forty years. If that's the case, it gives us more reasons to "miss the sea smell of Gouyave", rather than one haven't been close to the sea for a good few years.

I've experienced everything you spoke about in, "I miss the sea smell of Gouyave", but it is a wonderful memory of my boyhood days. Coming from your book, gives me more anxiety to read each and every page in your book. Already, I've seen how interesting the stories in your book are. If there's another way one can purchase your book, besides ordering it online, please let us know. Some people are willing to support it, but can't do it through the channel your recommended before, in a previous post.

In any event, I wish you success with your book, "Blood of Belvidere", and applaud the dynamic work and serious time that went into it.

Good luck, and thanks for giving Gouyave a 'notch' (positive spin), upwards on the ladder!

Re: I miss the sea smell of Gouyave


My website below leads to Amazon.Com. It's available in paperback, or can be downloaded as an eBook on Kindle.

Let me know if this is still a problem.

Thanks for all your kind support.

Dunbar Campbell


Re: I miss the sea smell of Gouyave

You can use danjos557@gmail.com to touch base with me. There, we can talk things over.

Re: I miss the sea smell of Gouyave

I remember those days very well great memories mate