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When you hear the name, Cogman, the first thought that'll run through your mind, is that it is the name of a man. Likewise Millie, it'll be the name of a woman. You'll be absolutely correct, if you went this way!

Cogman and Millie worked for the Water & Sewer Department in Gouyave. Theirs were different task in the field. They didn't work together on a daily basic, because one was a technician; the other was not.

Cogman's job was fixing and changing broken pipelines, and pipe heads wherever there was a problem with the water services to the area residents,www who were depending on the standpipes in their neighborhoods, for access to fresh water for drinking and for cooking, mostly. His co-workers were few, as there were not many problems with the water pipes, that'd called for many men out in the field to make repairs on them. There used to be merry times when Cogman and his gang of men were at work. Not that they did more playing than working, but spent the working hours to make jokes and share some stories that they'd encountered a day, or two before. They were men who were capable of talking and working at the same time, while making sure that the jobs were completed in, or before the time that was set in place for it. Children were lost on their way. They forgot everything about their 'time of day; They stood up for long periods of time to watch Cogman, and his men at work. And thought: what a difficult task it was for Cogman and the other workers, and how did they know what was to be done, to fix, or change the broken water pipes. I was one of them, whose knowledge was wider than any imagination; as everything then to me, as a child, wasn't fully understood!

Cogman was a skinny, and relatively, a tall man. His wife was as skinny, and as tall like him. In a way, they did look like a blood sister and brother, because they'd the same motion in walking, and swinging the arm. Only that the differences was one was a couple shades lighter in complexion, than the other,and one was a regular churchgoer, while the other one wasnt. The bottle had more meaning to it for one of the two, than the hard wooden pews in the churches around the town of Gouyave.

Cogman was respect by everyone from his neighborhood, and beyond it. He'd some of the most wonderful children ever lived. They were very obedient, and regular church goers, and animal caretakers. Especially the goat! They lived in one of the most energetic neighborhoods, and had loved to mix, and play with the other kids that were around them. Theirs were a good family, who took pride in themselves, and going to school everyday.

Cogman was blessed to have good children, a good wife, and great coworkers!

One of Cogman's rival was a woman. Although she didn't do the same job for the Water, Sewer Delartment, Millie hadd a vital role in there. She knew how to ring a bell right. She stopped on the same count everytime she rang the bell, to announce the cutting off of the water supply for part, or the entire day. Residents were advised to save enough water in buckets, pails, and/or skillet, or pots.
Unike Cogman and his gang,, who had transport from the Department to use, Millie had none; She'd to walk and ring a bell all around the town.

Millie was a sort-of-an-old woman. She was built strong, and was always sharp in mind. The walking she did around the town, ringing a bell, was good exercise, and outing for her. From my viewpoint, Millie had no husband, nor children. She'd hated the nickname, "Cock Robin", with a mild passion. Not because she was so often teased, by any young or older person; she knew that for Gouyave people, nicknames were mostly used to address another person, rather than the christian names. Nicknames were used politely but, for Millie, she just didn't like to be addressed that way.

Working for the Water & Sewer Department, was the only ordinary thing Cogman and Millie shared together.

Cogman was replacable; Millie was not replacable. She was in a class all by herself.

After Cogman died, a young man called, Aaron (RIP), from Gouyave Estate, took over as captain of the ship. Aaron was as good as Cogman in the line of their work. Working alongside men like Brewry (sp) Thomas, from Gouyave Estate, Aaron led his entire crew to many happy working days. Each one of his crew members took pride in their job, and made a decent living for them, and their families from it.

After Millie died, no one did the job that she was doing for the Water and Sewer Department in Gouyave. No one could've been so critical as Millie was with her job as an announcer of a water supply shortage. She didn't smile much at anyone, whether she was on the job or not.