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boucheri, boucheriviere, bouchiwee, busheree, boucheriviyre, bushyri : Etymological help required?

I once listened with great interest to the reading of a book on the etymology of some words on the radio - it was very very interesting. This has stimulated some interest in words and their derivatives, but of course, I am not an etymology expert, but my Colony of Grenada Deputy Headteacher (who was stricter than the word stricter) (RIP) would be smiling and very proud as I present my etymological case:

I spotted the differing spellings of 'bushyri' or 'busheree' on the forum post, which left me thinking which spelling is correct, if any. So I undertook a micro mini research project on the word:

My findings/conclusions:

The root of the word comes from the French - bouche (mouth), pronounced 'booshay'.

Now there are three words in French for river : one of them is 'riviyre'(possible derivative from riviere!) - which may give us: 'bouche riviyre', which I think, down the 'colonial line' from mouth to mouth by the natives may have become, 'boucheri' pronounced 'booshayri' and/or 'booshayriviyre'.

Not sure about the 'wee' in say 'bouchiwee' or 'bushyri' in bushyri (i think only the 'ri' may be connected with my findings?)

I think the word may have emerged by mispronunciation by our ancestors or colonial overseers! I would personally opt for 'boucheri' or 'booshayri', but on the contrary, 'booshayriviyre' and/or 'booshayriviere' sounds quite nice?

French etymological experts, I throw my findings into the Forum arena for discussion or critique -

Dear Observer any comments, s'il vous plait?