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Re: Stop the Titiri at the Bushyri Border/Genevieve

Tony unlike you and Gouyaveman, a lot of water has flowed into the boucheree since I have found it necessary to go to confession. Particularly so because many of the personnel to which confessions are made, have displayed scant regard of treading a moral path themselves but I am enthused to learn of Gouyaveman's intervention on behalf of us sinners because of our ignorance.

I have, though, to jump to the defence of Genevieve, acting as her Sir Galahad if you wish.

Long may she continue to articulate her opposition to the wanton consumption of vulnerable defenceless creatures, our disregard of fragile life or the paucity of guava trees in Gouyave. Her determined denunciation has not only educated me and you about the evils of this horrific culinary practice but more importantly it has served the purpose of arousing Gouyaveman. A practice few of us dare to undertake, and to quote Ajamu, "when the lion sleeping, you shouldn't wake him", because once roused Gouyaveman will deliver his customary literary lashes with gusto and I could sit here in comfort, in contented amusement and enjoy it all, smug and safe in the knowledge that I am not the target. He he he

Re: Stop the Titiri at the Bushyri Border/Genevieve vs Gouyaveman

Mangodog, it seems to me that by her response Lady Genevieve can stand her own against the equally erudite Gouyaveman. lol At this time, though, I beg to stand in Lady G's corner, and look across at my pardner G'man. I have read the titiri arguments and had a good giggle whilst saying nothing.

Gouyaveman stated,

"Father, in your infinite wisdom, you have blessed most creatures on this earth with the survivability mechanism of being able to abundantly multiply. This gift protects them in perpetuity, providing that we exercise prudence in our practice –as in the case of harvesting the Titiri and provide a “free pass” only to a few-thousands, so they may continue to replenish themselves. Their ability to rapidly multiply in the millions to restock that measly loss is what has directed them to their annual migration back up the river in Gouyave and Sauters every year in their abundance."

Well, well, well, as the saying goes, even the devil can cite scripture for his own purpose. tee hee If it would help me out, though, he can say a novena or a hail Mary for me any day!

He also stated "it is difficult for me to imagine how a few stones placed on a Crocus Bag in our Bushyri once a year to catch the Titiri can so severely impact our eco system"

One can but imagine how much this impacts the growth of adult fish, do we really know? Do we in Grenada have any studies in place? I assume the crocus bag habit is still there and that Genevieve is correct when she mentions that instead of a few crocus bags people now use fine mesh nets to capture more of the spawn, which is more like "none shall escape?"

G'man, as much as you say the titiri can be protected into perpetuity, yet I would say that the adult fish and the titiri can be decimated to a point that it can affect the eco system and ultimately the livelihood of fishermen and food supply. Who knows if God's gift was not for us to eat the tiny young 'uns as much as it is to be food in the form of adult fish. Remember to the adult and the spawn we fit into the category of predator. I myself would rather eat the adult fish. How many titiri go into one fishcake? If fifteen, ten of these could have become adults. You asked how would Gouyave survive. Quite well, actually, because the "titiri season" is very short. Admittedly, however, for those who sell the titiri it is money they look forward to having that week. I doubt it is that cheap now if you have to purchase it. Nowadays, I imagine, it is considered more as a delicacy (at least to those abroad) than what it can be - food/meat during the few days of titiri harvesting. Just maybe if the fisherman knew the implication of the spawn vs adult fish they woud not be too happy about the fine-mesh-titiri catchers? :-)

To eat or not to eat titiri that is the question! A few years age, my cousin had a guy drop off a bag of frozen titiri to my home as an expensive gift. Apparently he imports vegetables, fish, etc. from his island country, St. Lucia. I thawed them out but simply threw them out after looking at their limp tiny bodies. Not saying I never would eat titiri again, goodness knows I had enough titiri, especially, and of course naturally, curried down (lol) - which I hated but had to eat, in my young life, but I really can do without it now. Not too learned about spawn and titiri species either and when I was really small I thought titiri were just itty bitty fishies. lol

Other countries go through much trouble to protect their spawn even if it can be a costly undertaking:


In the case of following one species of fish, salmon, and reading about how things work, Mother Nature is a mind-boggling heck of a lady:


Maybe we should be allowed to harvest titiri on one day only - to balance things off? With education on the matter people would be more accepting. After all, Greanadians are now more aware of why turtles come up on the sand and why they should be left alone while they lay their eggs. When they do indeed come back to they were hatched they are like Grenadians too as they are coming back to Grenadian shores to have their young. One can only eat or need to eat that much titiri!

AM : Stop the Titiri at the Bushyri Border

Dear AM

Many thanks for your kind words, which has resulted in a 'temporary' change of my personal forum name status - isued as a one off, just for this post, however, not sure, because I am sure the Good Lord has his own titles for us, so I may get a choice, who knows, its all part of the hidden mysteries, I think! Very briefly, a titiri research academic study was completed on a neighbouring small island state, around middle 1990's but it was with regard to titiris migration upriver, and not revolving on the ecological impact of titiris due to feasting on titiris as a delicacy from overcatching to make culinary dishes such as titiri fritters.

I enjoyed reading your excellent well written and beautifully angled from 'the middle ground overlapping area' post on this subject. Take care and best wishes for a peaceful rest of the year full of the richest blessings from our Father above. Amen.