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A 'role model' with perfect element : Reflecting the heavenly tonka bean!

I was so happy to read the online news about the appointment of Catherine Samba-Panza as the new elected Interim President of Central African Republic. As a ‘spice island’ child, I exercise my birth-right to make ‘spice connections’, I just kept looking at her online photograph, just looking at her beautiful natural gloss ‘tonka bean’ coloured face with additional glow from her cerise pink outfit - no nation need to ask her to provide ‘identification as to who she is’ – everyone knows. In the backdrop of the photograph were her fellow politicians ranging from shades of grated nutmeg, glossy nutmeg shell, grounded cloves and the odd cinnamon shade – very much like my ‘homogeneous’ home villagers.

I looked at her natural brushed back greying/black hair reflecting her continent. Her features, although bearing some template similarities, but of course, we are all uniquely fashioned by the Maker, to an extent reminded me so much of some of those naturally outstanding and upright ‘role model’ women that I interacted with as a child in Grenada, on the wooden bus, in church, in the markets, even some of my own 'role model' elderly female relatives,who were so full of that knitted communal-family inclusive love!

At 59 years, a young age (for Moses was in his 90’s when he was called to lead his people) she is leading a nation, and boy she is a unique element of her own – I pray that she will get the full blast of international respect by all nation, people, language and tribe – because I believe, that is what you get when you are ‘yourself’ resulting from the zealousness to set yourself free from man belittling condemnation of your features, ability to do your job, your moral stance, etc – I praise and thank God that long ago, I decided to set myself free from ‘man’s evil intervention intrusion of exclusion’ into my life, and I am so proud of who I am, and I shout it from the housetops all the time, the two bedroom blue painted wooden house where I was born and raised, our gardening plots, swimming in the river pools, the endless glasses of lime juice sweetened with local sugar, the jackfish broth, the spiced bowls of cornmeal porridge, the farine in my cup of cocoa tea, the fallen golden apples breakfast feast - the love of elderly aunts, teachers, grandfathers, beloved uncles all with their tonka bean, nutmeg, cinnamon, mixture of turmeric and sapote shades, not excluding a very quiet great grandmother who reflected a shade from the island colonial past.
And when I shout it out, people say, 'Sounds heavenly. so idyllic' and like the Word say, And so it was. Thank you God, I am truly grateful.

In her, opening speech, the President said, “Starting today, I am the President of all Central Africans, without exclusion”.

What can I say except: May God bless the nation, people, language, and tribe of Central African Republic and its new President, for even though I am not on the continent, I feel part of the inclusivity. in Jesus Name Amen.