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Convention Meeting : Let us join in prayer !

Father God, your Name is I am who I am, and for generations you have raised up people to lead, serve and govern nations in good and difficult times. I praise and thank you for the island of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique, its Governor-Generals past and present, its Prime Ministerial team past and present - for their valuable service and impressive contributions at national and international levels; its generations of people, fragranced and perfumed with great faith, generousity, honour, vision, communal-inclusivity, resilience, perseverance, stamina, teaching and learning, for the list like you Father is inexhaustible; its natural prosperous resources some of which have not been given to other nations.

Sovereign Lord, I read that the Opposition Party,(National Democratic Congress) on the island, is preparing for their annual convention, I ask you Almighty God with your wonderful counsel and magnificent wisdom to intervene for our fellow brothers and sisters, let the Spirit that hover over the water, hover over the convention, during their meetings and discussions for the emergent of peaceful right outcomes – In your Word, it is written, I and the Father are One, during the convention let them all be inclusively One, as they ponder and keep in mind at all times, the island motto, “ever conscious of God we aspire build advance as One people” - in Jesus Name I pray. Amen.

Re: Convention Meeting : Let us join in prayer !

Miss , you could pray for so wee.

Re: Convention Meeting : taking 'prayer' into prayer!

Dear Prayer

Much appreciation for your kind words, - remember, in the Word it is written: the Lord God Almighty told Moses,[His chosen, but reluctant leader], why are you crying out to me, Stretch out your hands, for the people you see today, you will not see them again. And what happened? - people were thrown into confusion, chariots got stuck; people drowned in the sea - but the people of God walked through the sea on dry land. Amen Hallelujah. Also in Scripture it is written: ...the Lord is a flame! Amen.

So, Dear Prayer, I pray that the Holy One who sends down the rain and no man can stop it, will intervene for you to have a life of prosperity and great blessings, as you walk through the sea of your life journey on dry land, in Jesus' Name I ask. Amen. Hallelujah. Much love.

Re: Convention Meeting : taking 'prayer' into prayer!

That you Miss praying lady.
I need the prayers.