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Observer : the excessive ruffling of 'sensitive' feathers?

Dear Observer

I read your 'magnetising' post, which on reflection, was acutely angled from your political perspective. And after a short period in my neutral 'de-magnetising political chamber',I managed to 'repel' the forces, and write a post.

It seems that when ‘highly debateable’ discursive ‘sensitive’ even challenging current topics, be it political issues, race, religion, sexual orientation, unemployment, drugs, disability, poverty, immigration, even gender issues, are up for discussion be on a forum (in response to another author post, as in this case), television, personal conversation, some people's social, emotional and psychological feathers maybe easily ruffled. Some people, may not be able to discern the effect or impact of the factors underpinning the contents of the post? In this present space of time, are the contents of the post taking a reader, two steps forward or ten steps backwards? Is the content of the post taking into account the sensitivity, vulnerability of the reader? For what purpose are the post contents - to cause awareness, food for thought, or basically just outlining the harsh realities of life from one’s perspective? Which is fair enough!

Writing style is crucial 'in a forum setting', the writing contents may have to be angled in a ‘compassionately neutral’ manner, to build up and not to tear down, so as not to cause any emotional distress but encourage participation, to bring about reconciliation and inclusivity, Maybe in this case, posts with regard to racial issues/political stance failed, not so much in the contents but in its projected writing style, hence the stirring of ‘horrible’ memories as highlighted by the follow up post.

Dear Observer, as you may be aware, it has been acknowledged that when a writer wants to 'attract attention' from the maddening crowd,or to please the maddening crowd, then the best topics, are: racial issues-preferably black and white folks; anything connected with sex; and gender issues, eg women are better drivers than men/men are better at looking after the children than women! Sometimes, the writings have no succinct substance except a rattling noise - which may lead to the 'rattling' of tough or delicate feathers!

So what can I say to a fellow forum author except:

Father God, you are the Lord who heals us, I bring before you all people who are deeply hurting from personal memories of being treated differently within their community because of the colour of their skin, visible and invisible injustices, and evil memories from past history – Almighty God, you came down on earth because you saw the suffering of your people, come down Lord, call them all out of their 'tomb', loose them, and set them free - let them all know, that all the hurtful memories, the bitterness, the hatred, the jealousies, the disappointments of their life journey, the rejections, the lack of love, the let downs, the burdens, the yoke on their shoulders, are all fuel for the fire. Give all people the peace that the world cannot give,for you are the Lord who heals us, in Jesus Name I pray. Amen. Father I praise and thank you, for in the Word it is written, that the daughters of men were beautiful. Amen.