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titiri, titiwi, titiree, tritri, twitwi : PROTECT THE 'VOICELESS' TITIRI!

I was unable to make any etymological connections of the word – titiri. (I could not find any Carib/Arawak Indians to ask!) A returned email from a friend on one of the french Caribbean islands, informed me that titiris are found in the boucherie, and is used to make Friture de titiris (titiri fritters), so for the purpose of this post I will be using the French spellings: titiri (singular) titiris (plural), and boucherie (estuary).

I spotted a recipe from a small island for titiri fritters, it stated 2lbs of titiri (900 grams) – taking into account the size of a titiri, most people would agree that’s a lot of titiri removal from the estuary/rivers, if every household is making titiri fritters or oil downs and now other dishes, marcaroni-titiri pie! How many mature fishes would have developed from every 2lbs of titiris used to make fritters? Around 1887, titiri fritters were being dished up, a visitor to one of the islands, wrote that ‘a thousand titiris would scarcely fill a tea cup’.

PROTECT the titiris – they are VOICELESS! Leave them in the boucherie, and let them migrate up and down the river - that’s their HABITAT! Give them time to replenish their dwindling population. PROTECT the titiris! The titiris role in the freshwater/seawater ecosystem is important for water flow equilibrium. PROTECT the titiris - they prefer to be in the boucherie or river than in a hot oiled frying pan!

People are using fine mesh nets to spread across the estuary to make their catch, on some islands the price of titiri is expensive to purchase – a far cry from my colony of Grenada days, when it was a one-off children's activity with a calabash bowl.

I am not sure of the condition of the Charlotte river in Gouyave, as from the post, another estuary was directed as a good catching place for titiris. Why? What has happened to the titiri population in the Gouyave Charlotte river/estuary?

Now I am having a better understanding, of global events where no one is willing to take the blame for their actions, except the pointing of fingers to man-made names like Global warming and Climate change, because everyone will feel better, whilst they are tucking into their ‘titiri fritters’.

PROTECT the titiris; they are VOICELESS – as they battle to make their way upriver from the boucherie using their survival mechanism – as they try to obey the blessed words of their Maker – to increase in number and fill the water in the seas. Amen.