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The State Department in America is warning the Americans, who've paid big bucks to go to Russia for The Winter Olympics. The warning is that Americans should be mindful of being "an opened target", while in Russia, by doing their best to hide Amrican identity. The warning came on the hills of some threats made, by a terrorist group, to disrupt the sporting event. A woman who's nicknamed, "The Black Widow", is said to be inside Russia, as a suicide bomber, after eluded the Russian Authority's detection of her. A mounted search is underway for her.

The Black Widow was the wife of a terrorist, who was killed in a fight with The Russian Army; She vowed revenge against Russia no matter the cost. She's 24 years old, and The State Department is cautiously weary to see the Americans cause no danger to come to them by exposing their nationality by waving the American Flag, and wearing apparels with the word 'America' written on it, during the Winter Games, in Sochi (sp), Russia.

The Russian Government vowed that the event will be safe from terrorist attacks. They've 30,000 people to be on the look out for potential terrorist attacks, during the Winter Games. America is sending the FBI to Russia to help keep her citizens safe and secure, and two warships to The Black Sea, for just in case there's a need for using it.

Americans have brave people, when it comes to National Pride. To them, their country and its flag is a reminder of the freedom, plains, plateaus, and green grass they have to enjoy, while the opposite of that is on the other side of them. To hide the Americanism in them is a sign of weaknesses in their portrayal of coming from the 'Land of The Free, and the Home The Brave!' And, that could be bad for them for a lon g time!

It's a shame how the American Pride has come down to this. In years gone by, they were encouraged by the State Department to show off their American colors in every part of the world. Today, they'vebeen asked to conceal it, for fear of getting hurt in a terrorist attack in Russia. How will the cheer for the American Hockey Team, for example, when they're out on the playing field?

I, for one, had for a long time believed that the American people were the chosen ones to achieve worldwide peace, and their relentless approaches to it was flawless in terms of having fear, while they're on the mission.

Now I see that they only want to 'play mass, but is afraid of powder'.

But, then again, it's clear that in every terrorist attack, those who get hurt is the innocent ones, who don't believe nor partake in any conflict that'll take the lives of some human beings,

The way The State Department sees the terrorist threat to disrupt the Winter Olympics in Sochi, is worst than the threats that were made for the Greece, and China, and the London's Olympics. The warning issued by them is making the American people scared, instead of being 'brave', to be first in the line, where a friendly sporting event will be held.