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A Chinese woman, Li Na, won the 2014 Australian Open. And the Chinese Currency has taken over the Euro, as the second leading currency in the world. It's a precarious situation, because the Chinese Currency can be used to buy Crude Oil, and certain other commodities, that was paid for with only the American dollar. It is a hard hit for America, as the Chinese Currency stands in close proximity, to take over as the leading currency in the world, instead of the American dollar.

China has long advocated for its currency to take over the world's leading currency, amidst their economic growth. They've stepped out of the Kung Fu, which they were best known for, and grown to a Powerhous in world affairs. China's is known for having the most people, and the most spoken language. In recent times, China had adopted a Western style way of life, having lots of its citizens.speaking the English language, and dressing up in western-style suits, instead of their traditional robes, and, shoes. Using a form of capitalism and communism tactics, gave them an edge on the rest of the countries that have only a single form of government. Their improvements are more than a modest one; and it has no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Imagine that America, the greatest nation on earth, is about to bow down to China. They owe lots of money to the Chinese Government, and China is doing more business in America, that what America is doing in China. The label, "Made in China" can be found on almost everything you buy in America. China has a 'cheap labor' workforce which, for many American businessman/ businesswoman, is a lucrative way to make big bucks. Many businessmen, and businesswomen from America went over to China to set up shop. A call went out to those business people,.from the American Government, to do business in America instead of China. But with cheap labor in China, its difficult to convince the American businessmen/businesswomen, to come back to America,and be eligible for certain tax breaks from the American Government.

What was most disturbing to me was that China isn't getting good grades from the extreme and independent conservatives like Shawn Hannity, John Bachelor, Mark Levin,and Michael Savage. They looked down on China, and saw the boom in the Chinese economy as America's fault, eespecially under the helm of President Barack Obama use of his "Maxist-style" method of politics. They continued to see America as the most powerful nation, and refused to talk about how things do last for long, but not forever.

It is true, that 'old habits die hard', and if you hit a ball harder, it not bound to go better than it went before.

For the Chinese Government, the placement of the ball is more important than striking it harder.

The entire world's watching at China,, as they came from behind,.and ended up in second place so far. But the race is not over yet; there's quite a good few miles left in it to go. China's set to take over the lead, because they're still looking fresh after the huge amount of miles that was already gone in the race.

There seem to be no stopping of China now!

It is a precarious circumstance for the rest of the world, as they have to find new ways to compete with China, on a fair and winning basis. As for now, all other country heads are hurting them, because they haven't figured out a way to combat the Chinese and the intent to take over the world in many fronts.