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With un-Ruffled Plumage and Double Entendre, I Join Observer in Prayer

Father, Lord, Savior, maker of all men and Master of the Universe, pardon my annoying interruption to your work as I know you must be heavily engaged in sorting out the unworthy from the righteous among the multitude of mortals that face your judgment each day. Beseech me oh Lord as I call upon you again for guidance in yet another undertaking as I try to reconcile my conscience with your teachings and further, as I face the daunting challenges of my efforts to synchronize them with those of your servant, “Observer, the Conservative Republican.

Master, Savior, as you have guided me through my years on this earth, I pray that I may continue to receive your blessings of good health and protection from those whose intention it is to divert your good will to us in the name of politics. Father, the pathways you have set and the direction you have charted for us remain ever-present in our daily lives, regardless of our affiliations, designations and associations. Father, it is in this vein that I call upon you as I make the perilous journey in these unchartered waters. And Father, as unconscionable as my decision may be, it is with following in the footsteps of Observer as he has shown me the error of my ways.

Oh Father, Lord and Mighty, I humbly beg for your forgiveness for ever believing that my political affiliation with the Democratic Party would forever preclude my soul from ever entering your Kingdom. Father, had you not send your Disciple, Observer with your message of introspection, warning us of your impending wrath for being associated with THAT PARTY, most of us would have been unprepared to face you on judgment day. Master, it is with awakened sense of responsibility that I choose to disassociate myself from those Democratic sinners here on Gogouyave whose souls cannot be cleansed enough to meet the high standards established by that good Republican Conservative, Observer.

Father, Savior, as the good Observer had so methodically and succinctly outlined the sins of that party in the piece he opined less than a forthnight ago, I cannot in good conscience continue to associate myself with those 65.9 million people (degenerates, according to him) that voted for the POTUS in the last election. And Father, how can I continue to aid and abet in disparaging my good character and family name by associating myself with the likes of Tony DeCoteau, Sister Merle Becton, Carnice Modeste and others, whose parenting skills and good family structure have given us children who became outstanding citizens; attending America’s finest institution of learning with the end result being a Doctor, a Lawyer, Several Masters prepared health professionals and MBA’s in Business. Their parents, though from humble beginnings have instill in all of them as sense of pride, compassion and most importantly that “sticktoitability” that has been the hallmark of good Grenadian parenting.

“How can I associate myself wid dat” and be seen with these people unless they repent for being associated with that party? And Father, how in your name can I say that you are the creator of “ALL” men and women while your servant has warned us to disassociate ourselves from those in that party? According to him, the party has become one of accommodation for Homosexuals, Welfare Recipients, Cheats and low-life’s.

Pardon me oh Lord for mistakenly believing that they too were entitled to the civil rights you had given to all of us; that right to love someone of our choosing; to assemble and to be given “safe passage without hindrance” in our society in the same manner that the “Titiri Protector” had advocated here.
Father, oh Omnipotent One, be kind to me in your deliberation and administration of your penance as I recall from memory some of the good Republican Conservatives I will be gravitating towards as I make this new transition. Father, I am honored to be in the good company of noble men like Jerry Falwell, a man of your choosing and good Republican Conservative of my new party. Father, In recognition of the opportunity you have given me to also be in the company of Jim Baker – another one of your messenger- I have decided to abandon the teaching of my early upbringing through the Catholic Church and embrace those of the Conservative Evangelical Christian Faith whose teachings of segregation and separatism are more in line with my new Republican affiliation. No more would I be caught dead! mingling with these Pedophiles who take your name in vein while continuing in their democratic preaching ways.

(Continuing on next post)

Re: With un-Ruffled Plumage and Double Entendre, I Join Observer in Prayer

(Continuing from above)

Father and Master, I would be remiss in not mentioning those men and women of class and prominence that I will begin to emulate as they too have vociferously demonstrated their inclusionary intent to embrace me at my arrival/salvation for joining the party. I would be proud to mingle with men and women like Michael Stele, Thomas Sowell, Herman Cain, Alan Keyes Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ted Cruz, John Boener, Clarence Thomas, Sarah Palin and Ann Cutler as they continue with their missionary work of spreading your words to all and sundry.

And as I move along this path of righteousness, oh Lord, I would be remembering the glory days of this country when “THEY” mistakenly elected that Kenyan (half-breed, as they called him) Socialist, Communist to run our country. Father, you (and without a doubt, Observer) may recall those glory days (pre 2008) when we were basking in the economic successes of Ronald Reagan and more importantly, George W Bush. Thank you Father oh Lord for sending us Observer to remind us that Ronnie had to raise our taxes five times in order to rescue our country from “dem Democratic scamps an dem”. Father, as you well know, had it not been for “the principles of Reaganomics” that had identified the Middle Class; the Poor and the downtrodden as economic parasites, we would have digressed to the economic equivalent of Bangladesh. Still, in his humbleness and humility oh Lord, Ronnie had provided for them through his “Trickle Down economic techniques”, one that was fully embraced by Observer and me.

And Father, how can we forget to mention the prosperous days when companies like ISam, Imclone, Freddie Mac and Sally Mae went unregulated and unchallenged, just as you had intended; that was until the Democrats placed their paws into the fray. The last of their victim, AIG, oh Lord, died from bleeding to death from “the bottom line” and received an unceremonious burial on Wall Street when word came of the impending Kenyan arrival. Father, had it not been for the Conservative, protectionist, Republican wisdom of George W Bush for taking the unprecedented step to protect American jobs by exporting them overseas to places like China, South Korea, India Bangladesh and Hong Kong, “dog would have indeed eaten our supper”.

Father, you may have recalled his wisdom in theorizing that “for every job that was sent overseas 1.5 will be coming back to America”. Savior, it is in remembrance of this theory that Observer would remind all of us that the jobs creation the Kenyan is speaking of now are the returning jobs that were protected by “outsourcing” under the conservative Republican President George, Walker, Bush.

Father, Savior and Creator, how then can I not embrace a political party that harbors men and women of such caliber and intelligence?
Father, why should I degrade myself and continue to keep political affiliations with the likes of Bill and Melinda Gates, Oprah Winfrey, billionaire Warren Buffet and Bill Clinton “dat budget balancing, deficit reducing, surplus creating good for nothing”?

Father, Observer and I are more to the liking of the Conservative Koch Brothers who keep a steady reign on our Congressman to ensure that they do not deviate from your message. Father, we are both prepared to deliver your message through the ”sleeper cells” within your Tea Party where we can sacrifice our bodies to be black-tarred and white-feathered – regardless of the ruffling – in a crucifixion to show our commitment to the principles of our party.

Father, you can rest assured that both of us would be well protected by our Brothers and Sisters in the National Rifle Association and we will be darned! If anyone tries to take away our guns.

This, I pray in your name,


Re: With un-Ruffled Plumage and Double Entendre, I Join Observer in Prayer

AMEN AMEN Brother V. I just have one question for Mr Observer. (Have you ever voted in Grenada or America) Use your rights. Its a beautiful feeling, especially if you read black history about your ancestors in america or the caribbean. Knowledge is a great thing for us. Ignorance is bad.

Re: With un-Ruffled Plumage and Double Entendre, I Join Observer in Prayer

Is there anything that you are not extremely good at? My next book (tongue in cheek) will be a collection of writings that I find particularly funny but very thoughtful. Its title will be "In Praise of Sarcasm" and your great piece will be the first of that collection.

One thing more. I pray that the good Lord will also open my eyes to see and appreciate the wisdom of Observer that you have now seen so that I will follow in the footsteps of Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck and their ilk to pray for the return of a good Sunday afternoon of fun as I watch "dem kinda people" feather-tarred and hanging from nooses.

Excellent retort!!

Re: With un-Ruffled Plumage and Double Entendre, I Join Observer in Prayer


As you continue to indulge me in dabbling with innuendos and hyperbole, I am on my knees praying that Observer has a sense of humor. If he does not, then I would forever be reminded of the dog and that supper and the manner in which he had eaten it. LOL

I will keep my fingers crossed.

Re: With un-Ruffled Plumage and Double Entendre, I Join Observer in Prayer

Loving this piece my friend! It brings back the lost sense of humour to the forum. BTW I am taking this opportunity to formerly request your presence at my funeral, as I would like you to ask the Big Guy to be merciful on my wayward soul and show me the way home. That's if I make my transition before you do:):)LOL.

Re: With un-Ruffled Plumage and Double Entendre, I Join Observer in Prayer

>>>>>.....BTW I am taking this opportunity to formerly request your presence at my funeral, as I would like you to ask the Big Guy to be merciful on my wayward soul and show me the way home. ....<<<<<

Lioness, I hope I will never have to honor your request . Your work in this life, as challenging as it may be, still requires your presence among us ; if not to help skew the ratio of the number being accepted to enter Heaven, then to help in keeping the fire burning in Hell for dem Democrats arrival.

Please be kind to Tony and make it quick when he arrives. Even though his Vienial Sins were far and in-between, Papa God would never forgive him for his "licrishness" in eating dem Turdjun Eggs....LOL

"Ah is now ah Republican so me and Burney Madoff go go in Heaven".

Re: With un-Ruffled Plumage and Double Entendre, I Join Observer in Prayer

V, now that you have seen the folly of your ways, please say a prayer for us degenerates who are still blinded and thus insist on staying on the "other side." Lord help us.

Great post! :-)

Re: With un-Ruffled Plumage and Double Entendre, I Join Observer in Prayer

Can't wait for them to abolish welfare in this country. Tired of the federal government digging out more and more of my money to take care of people who do not want to work.You don't work, you don't eat. The more irresponsible they are the better they are taken care off. More children they have, the more money they get. Why should people who cannot take care of themselves, have the right to make decisions that would affect my life? They should not be allowed to vote. Hope you guys go crazy again and run your blood pressure up.

Re: With un-Ruffled Plumage and Double Entendre, I Join Observer in Prayer

Well Mr Louison, I enjoyed your piece immensely and I am gratified to learn that irony is alive, well and flourishing in the good ole USA. I felt unable to respond to your fine piece yesterday owing to the fact that it was The Lord's Day and my disciplined religious upbringing prevents my from indulging in humerous diversions on that holy day.

However, whilst reading your offering yesterday, I have to be honest and confess to a stifled gaffaw, and sneaky s****** but sufficiently suppressed so as not to upset my impressionable Grans.

Bless you

Addendum: Seems I have upset the word police. The above word s****** which follows the word sneaky means " to laugh" or "titter" or "giggle" but because the s preceeds the "N" word, it appears I am not allowed to use it.