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Re: With un-Ruffled Plumage and Double Entendre, I Join Observer in Prayer

>>>>>.....BTW I am taking this opportunity to formerly request your presence at my funeral, as I would like you to ask the Big Guy to be merciful on my wayward soul and show me the way home. ....<<<<<

Lioness, I hope I will never have to honor your request . Your work in this life, as challenging as it may be, still requires your presence among us ; if not to help skew the ratio of the number being accepted to enter Heaven, then to help in keeping the fire burning in Hell for dem Democrats arrival.

Please be kind to Tony and make it quick when he arrives. Even though his Vienial Sins were far and in-between, Papa God would never forgive him for his "licrishness" in eating dem Turdjun Eggs....LOL

"Ah is now ah Republican so me and Burney Madoff go go in Heaven".

Re: With un-Ruffled Plumage and Double Entendre, I Join Observer in Prayer

V, now that you have seen the folly of your ways, please say a prayer for us degenerates who are still blinded and thus insist on staying on the "other side." Lord help us.

Great post! :-)

Re: With un-Ruffled Plumage and Double Entendre, I Join Observer in Prayer

Can't wait for them to abolish welfare in this country. Tired of the federal government digging out more and more of my money to take care of people who do not want to work.You don't work, you don't eat. The more irresponsible they are the better they are taken care off. More children they have, the more money they get. Why should people who cannot take care of themselves, have the right to make decisions that would affect my life? They should not be allowed to vote. Hope you guys go crazy again and run your blood pressure up.

Re: With un-Ruffled Plumage and Double Entendre, I Join Observer in Prayer

Well Mr Louison, I enjoyed your piece immensely and I am gratified to learn that irony is alive, well and flourishing in the good ole USA. I felt unable to respond to your fine piece yesterday owing to the fact that it was The Lord's Day and my disciplined religious upbringing prevents my from indulging in humerous diversions on that holy day.

However, whilst reading your offering yesterday, I have to be honest and confess to a stifled gaffaw, and sneaky s****** but sufficiently suppressed so as not to upset my impressionable Grans.

Bless you

Addendum: Seems I have upset the word police. The above word s****** which follows the word sneaky means " to laugh" or "titter" or "giggle" but because the s preceeds the "N" word, it appears I am not allowed to use it.