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Grenada documents online
Re: Grenada documents online

Why is the birth records of Grenadian people is on line. This is foolishness. This is important document. Why should anyone have access to it so easily. I think information like that should not be publish. What is wrong with you people. This is crazy. When these important information falls into the hands of crooks, you never know what they can do. I hate the internet and I love it because this thing is good and bad. It can make a person rich and another very poor. I feel certain things don't belong on the internet. Public records, baptismal records from Gouyave. This is crazy. My take. Important personal information should not be publish and with easy access to everyone in the world. This is madness

Grenada documents online : baptizés de Gouyave! Merci Curé de Gouyave (1780 -1782)

Dear Sage

Calm down! geneaologically chill out! I am sure since your last post with regard to the above subject matter you are 'geneaologically calmer'. I understand your projected angle of concern, but there is no need, most of the records are historical. I do believe that most of the online information is 'archived' historical records. It seems that the records are circumferencing around the colonial period mid 1700's, late 1890's - from the few I have viewed online. Just for interest sake, I trying to open the baptism of slaves in Gouyave record dated 1780-1782, but it did not open the link, but nice to know that the slaves were baptised in the Name of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen. As I type so to speak, I managed to open the link, and the documents are in French, so, 'parlez vous francais?'. I have a lot of homework to do now using my French, as I make fresh 'birthright' colonial claim to my French ancestry!

However, I am a bit tearful, because using a different island geneaological link, I found the baptismal record of my grandfather's mother, mother, I am not to quick on all these family traits, so that would be my Great Great Gran - who had a very unusual first name of Paida and her father was named Friday. So with colonial refreshments and colonial dress, may they rest in perfect peace.

So Sage even if you do not wish to track down anyone, just view or read (its all in French - I will check for translation copies) some of your ancestral documentations for historical interest. The writing is beautiful, reminds me when I was a colony of Grenada child, and we had handwriting lessons, using fountain pen with ink, to write with flair those letters of the alphabet - I use to love the handwriting lesson.

Holy Father, however hard we try, the past always flashes before our eyes, but we thank you for your wonderful counsel and magnificent wisdom, that we are free to live and celebrate the life that you have planned for us before the beginning of the world. Your Word tells us not to remember the past, but to keep our eyes fixed on you, but Father for the sake of your great mercy, shower down excess blessings on us as a result of the suffering of our ancestors,sold into slavery, and we thank you for Father Huguer who was the Curé de Gouyave between 1780-1782, who walked along the streets of Gouyave before we 'forum' post authors even came to birth, thank you Lord for his priestly ministry, for using him to baptise the slaves in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in Jesus'Name I ask. Amen.