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Re: Observer : Friend or foe or a unique 'ruffling' blend for change?

Insurance> Life insurance (supposed) to be guaranteed to family member or members when someone dies. Health Insurance (supposed) to be for sickness. Social Security Insurance (supposed) to be guaranteed when you reach age 62 or more unless you are qualified for Social Security disability at any age. Unemployment Insurance (deducted from your paychecks) weekly or biweekly. What is the ignorance about people getting unemployment benefits. They paid for that service. I paid for all of the above. If someone paid unemployment insurance he/she should be entitled to benefits.

Re: Observer : Friend or foe or a unique 'ruffling' blend for change?

Merle if you don't work, you cannot draw unemployment, so i don,t look at unemployment as welfare. You are right these are taxes that were taken from you, just as social security, because you paid into, when you are working you also paid int medicaid, these are things you paid into, so at least you should be able to get something back. I have no problem with that. My problem, is the millions and millions of people who have not worked for years and years, and who don't want to work, and they have kids, and the kids are on it and the kids,kids are on it, and the cycle just continues. These people, rent are being paid, utilities, they get a card with cash and now the have a free cell phone. And i have to go to work everyday to support that?

Of the 65 million people on welfare, maybe about ten million of them are genuinely looking for work. And this include all races, the Jews do not even have to go to the welfare office, by the time they get into this country they are on welfare, the Russians, as soon as the get here they are on welfare. And then they taxing the hell out of people that working, to take care of them. How fair is that? I have people that tell me the will never work for ten dollars an hour,they can do better staying home. There was no welfare in the Caribbean when i was growing up, you had to go out there and work for what you want, and we all made it.

Even social security, people always talk about the paid into it. Lets take a case scenario, and ordinary man work for about 30 years and paid into social security during those year, he pays about 600 hundred into social security every month, which is on the high side, so at the end of the year he pays about 7000 thousand dollars times 30 is about 200 thousand during his working wears . He retires at 62 and lives to be about eighty, because people are living longer these days, and has a monthly social security check for about 1500 per month. So he is drawing about 18 thousand a year, after just 20 years on social security, he would withdraw 360 thousand dollars. And if he goes on to be live well into his ninties then you do the math. The point is even social security we get a lot more than we put in , unless we die early. I have no problem that if people work hard that they should not get something back, my problem is the irresponsible people that never worked and refuse to work is is well taken care off and are been encourage not to work.