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hypocritical racism or critical racism : cast your first non-racism stone from your pile?

If one has no racism sins, racism thoughts or racism words, and have taken a vow of 'racism chastity' then one should take delight in one's pile of non-racism stones and start to cast it towards the direction of the targeted racism be it preferably 'glass housed' persons or countries.
From my perspective, this ‘spirit’ of racism is endemically at work secretly or openly, and every nation people tribe and language is guilty of hypocritical or critical aspects of racism in varying venomous serpent coiling camouflaging forms, be it face to face, body language or the perpetual roller coaster effect of it being institutionalised.

A question of morality – is racism a ‘spirit’ to disturb or add more strife to sinful man sent by the Creator? For the Word of God tells of, an ‘evil spirit’ entering a king, and at intervals in rage which originated from jealousy would throw a sword at a future king who was chosen to soothe him with music. Personally, I take my moral stance in this earthly puzzle, believing that racism is an ‘evil spirit’ that affects every people nation tribe and language – hence, its unlocking lies in the hands of the Creator. Over the years, despite the passing of constitutional laws based on brave folks taking their morality seat or stance, mixed marriages etc – racism is still being discussed, arousing more fervour down the generations.

So persons can discuss the concept of racism, go literally mad seeking solutions based on their ‘romancing’ of analysing ancestral past events - sadly this will be to no avail – for if they continue they may be subjected to other malicious intertwining overtaking ‘spirits’ eg jealousy, an object of scorn, ridicule, hatred, strife, madness of mind, an other violations of this spiritual involvement in trying to find the correct key to unlock this substrate ‘spirit’ without help from the Creator, the Word of God warns against reliance on one’s own understanding.

I believe, that because of nation, tribe, language and people continuous disobedience, this ‘spirit’ is gathering momentum, with inter-island racism, intercultural racism; team-racism, interfaith-racism, culinary-racism; internal family racism; voting-racism, village racism employment-racism, tourism-racism, unemployment-racism, welfare racism, sickness-racism,marital-racism, mixed-offspring racism; banking racism; pedagogical racism; and the list is inexhaustible like the accelerating sins of man as it flows down the generations – bearing similarities to the discussions down the generations to find the ‘viral’ root – the Word of God warns of the sins of fathers going down the generations.
So ethically, can racism be eradicated? Yes, when this sinful world passes away - but until then, some reprieve may come, from 'upright', 'chosen' people tribe language nation who are morally ‘spiritually’ clean and morally uncontaminated to get a little to the core of this ethical and moral jigsaw puzzle of the ‘evil spirit’ of racism within global societies. On the contrary, for those who do not believe in the spiritual, well of course,recent 'blaming' debateable claims of things rooted in the DNA (genetic coding) may take into account racism being rooted in the DNA? Some more ethically morality questions: who created the DNA? If one shares or choose to have the same passport, sing the same national anthem, ethically, does that mean one become part of the country 'evil spirit of racism' past and present contamination parcels? – so with boldness, I push the boundary of morality issues, does this hovering ‘evil spirit’ of racism, makes one hypocritical or critical, to suit their personal socially well engineered societal needs? So non-racism stone in hand, start to throw....

Father God, your Word lay down laws of how people should live, and tells us to rejoice when trials come, for great is our reward in the Heavens. Almighty God, give us a heart like yours so that we can love others just as you love them, give us eyes like yours, so that we can see others as you see them, I ask for your divine protection from the ‘evil spirit’ of racism and other spirits that are rampart in societies, knowing that the Name of Jesus is above every name, as one try to enjoy your creation on this earth. I pray knowing that the kingdom of God is very close at hand. Amen.