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Re: On the Slave Ship

Well said, and a piece of history in itself!

No one expects to be free than by him fighting daily and diligently for it. Depending on those who held you in bondage to set you free is a time and space that is almost impossible to achieve. Especially when the profits are huge. Black people have come a long way but, still they haven't gotten very far with their plight for total freedom. Seff hatred is one of the major culprits that is standing in their way. On the other side, black people is afraid to stand up for their rights. They are holding onto the 'Inferior concepts' of their race, that was taught to them by the Whiteman. They were told that they're just one-fifth of a human being. Can you Imagine that?

When God made man, he did not watch at the color of their skin. For Him, no White nor Black, Indians nor Chinese existed. It was man, and that was all there was. But, somewhere along the time of our existence, black people has turned their backs on the true and living God, and fell for the doctrines of the way their enemies (the Whiteman) wanted them to believe in God. Little did the black people knew, and, and apparently extremely difficult for them to see, that the principles of the Whiteman's teachings of God doesn't and will never work out right for them. They will always be under the spell of Slavery, unless they decide to get serious, and see themselves as a people and not do what others ask them to do. They must remember that they have no answers for anyone else,.except God.

Slavery is a long story, but the great thing about it is that it is very easy to remember it all, once it is being told over, and over again. And, our young people needs it in their daily lives to creste a clear path to trod, a sustainable economic situation and, most of all, love for themselves, their brothers and their sisters.

Again, I'd enjoyed your article. Because, really and truly, slavery isn't a thing of the past; its gets fresher and fresher, as the days comes and goes. It history, our history that's meant to be kept alive.

Re: On the Slave Ship


"Step into my Parlor" said the Spider to the Fly, the cunningness of the Spider notwithstanding....LOL

And may I add an addendum to your question and ask you,

Do you see any 21st. century relevance to these posts vis-a-vis Grenada's benefit -educational or otherwise- other than the intrinsic value, albeit debatable, that you recognize?

Re: On the Slave Ship

I would love to add my tuppence to this post but I am unable to find Gouyaveman submission which appears to have caused the the conflagration. Help please.