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Re: For the youths

Mr. Daniel Joseph, I sincerely commend you, and I deeply appreciate your take on the present condition of the young people of today. From your writing I got the feeling that you also had given much thought to the current situation of our young people in Grenada, the Caribbean and the world at large. You my friend seems to be a man after my own heart. As every word you wrote here seems to echo my own. Your concern about the future is also a great concern of mine.
I have always been in the service of young people, Running sport clubs, study groups and teaching martial arts as a matter of fact I was one of four pioneers of martial arts in Antigua. Myself and two friends were the first to start practicing karate in an organized way in Antigua, and in 1970 or 1971. I introduce Martial Arts to Grenada for the first time. I later brought Johnny Madrid to carry on the program there. I am very happy to say that just about all the people who were influence by the martial training became somebody that others can look up too. Some have said to me; had it not been for you I might have been one of these guys sitting on the sidewalk drinking alcohol and smoking weed.
I have no doubt in my mind that our presents political, economical, social and cultural backslide are all due to the neglectful attitude of the former generations of religious leaders, parents and political leaders. The blame can be the shared in the above order.
Religions are responsible for the moral training of the Nation, but they failed the people when they gave up moral training for what I call religious welfare. That is to say: “Jesus dies for you sins, just believe in him and you are saved, you don’t have to the anything else.” This trend in religions came about through these little sideway churches that popped up everywhere, in every little shack they can fine, in the last 50 years. Their founders measured the people and realizing that people love to be entertained with music so that they can sing and dance, so they provided what they think the people need rather than what was good for them. Then the old establish churches found that they could not compete, so they joined them. In short Religion failed the people.
And that my friends are how morality was lost in the society. Thus the parents lacking in the knowledge of how to train their children in good morals, manners, order and discipline were unable to cultivate in their children the values that would make them grow into better men and women, hence creating a more harmonious and more progressive society.

As to the politicians part in this sad part of our history…They are the ones who we the people elected to make sure the train advancement stays on the right track. They should have by observation seeing the unfolding situation and visualize where it’s leading, and take measures to prevent what we have today. That would be the mark of a good leadership.
In conclusion: The true recognition of God along with the teaching, practice and development of moral virtues are the only way to turn back a people from corruption and vice.
Talking is not enough! We need to rise to action.
For those of us who have eyes to see, there is an urgent need to come together to organize and plan a course of action to stop the current trend and set up a well structured plan for a better future. We just cannot depend on the corrupt politicians of this our present era.

Re: For the youths

I am thoroughly impressed with you. And, thanks for the compliment! That's the kind of warnth one looks forward to in view of his work as a leader.

Building bridges for a good cause is one's most important focus when dealing with the development of young minds. Great leadership results in satisfaction for both leader and follower. However, it's not always good to be the follower, but if the leader is going in the right direction, then the follower will be secure even if he's last on the line. There, he'll realise that life makes sense only when you make a change!

Virtually, all the iinformation the youths need is how to be a good follower and not one of bad company. Which in turn will help them to be a good leader later on for the younger generation that is to come after them.

But, still, the burden of seeing a child walk on the right road is laid on the parent. They have that primary responsibility, to teach then how to expand their mind to not delve into the pitfalls and calamity of the obstacles they will be confronted with along the way of growing up. With the assistance of the village which it takes to raise a child.

What you said about the politicians is correct. They're concern mostly with filling the pockets with the country's money. It's better for all of them to work in the Treasury, because tthat's where their hearts are.

Yes, the politicians focus is on evil in the modern world, as it has been in the past.world. I shouldn't spend too much time on them. Unless they change their ideology, and do exactly what they were elected to do.

Your leadership is a perfect example to that important issue of helping a youth to stay on the Iright track.

Re: For the youths

Mr. Joseph. I reproduce one of your statements here "But, still, the burden of seeing a child walk on the right road is laid on the parent. They have that primary responsibility," Under normal circumstances I would agree with you totally and from all that we have learned, we are program to believe your statement is 100% correct. And yes it should be the parents responsible. But if we take a deeper look at most parents of today, you will come to find out that they are in no position to offer good training to their offspring, as they themselves lack right-training. Thus the present condition demands drastic measures to bring back that balance and development in child rearing, so that the upcoming parents will be equip to train their offspring. Then the and only then we can shift back the full responsibility onto the parents. So this is a case where the government, for the good of the nation should step in and create a program to develop good parents.

I had put a program together and send it the Obama while I was working with campaign for his first term. Then I send it to the Clinton foundation, then I sent it to NNP and NDC, then I come to realize that none of these people care about what happen to the youths.