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Re: To Mangodog

>>>You deserve the acclamation that I believe it would generate.<<<

Thank you Tony. High praise indeed. I have made a minor change to the poem in the 3rd verse, which you may or may not spot.

Whilst we are in this back slapping mood I have to tell you that on Monday last my daughter delivered me to the airport for my flight to Grenada, I was carrying a copy of A place Called Gouyave with the intention of reading it again on the flight. Instead I gave it to her and recommended she read it. Yesterday she rang me "to see if you are still alive Dad" and was full of praise for your masterpiece saying it helped her to understand some of the things I have been saying about my birthplace and that it conjured up very powerful images of Gouyave for her.

>>>Btw, I read your other one entitled "The Words named Poem" which was very well received. Some wished that you were here with us to answer some questions that only the owner could.<<<

Now I simply can't imagine what sort of questions this poem would raise. It is essentially about my tardiness in writing down things when I should and my frustration with myself when I lose some good ideas because of laziness or not being prepared.

Here is the poem you asked for.

For Those Who Do Not Speak

I do not speak
For I am dumb
I have thoughts
I have ideas
I have humour in my mind
But I cannot speak
For I am dumb

I spoke when young
The speech of childhood
Careless and brave
And jocular too,
Not nervous or tense
Always found a deft response

I have a tongue
It is not lost,
It can make sense
And nonsense
It can give offence
It can say yes
And no too

I lost my voice
When I was eight
Excised by a giant man
A familial figure
Who owned the word
And commanded
Children must be seen

I do not speak
For I am dumb

Arnie Steele

Re: To Mangodog

Thank you so much, Mangodog. I cannot spot the change in the 3rd verse because I can't remember the details of the original. So tell me what it is, if you don't mind.

Are you telling me that you enjoyed A PLACE CALLED GOUYAVE so much that you were going to re-read it on the plane? Wow, that's rather flattering! Anyway tell your daughter that one of my reasons for writing the book was to provide off-springs like her a means to make a real connection to the homeland of their parents. Generations apart do not have to be generations not knowing their connection to where their parents came from. It was my pleasure doing so.

Btw, you'd be surprised at the many unusual questions the folks in the group ask. Some are very original and often times very thought provoking.

Thanks again.