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Our days gone by were some of the best days there were. For many of us, the link between then and now is missing. Because not many things we did and had in the past is there anymore;.It's a different world!

The world today is filled with too much busy people. There are Morning Rush, Evening Rush, Midday Rush, and even Midnight Rushes in some places. People stop having fun, for the sake of it. Everything is about the money now. People are in such a hurry, behind it.

So, there we have it. The change of time is easy to see.

What you said here about the "flying-fish" is something many adult today can relate to. Because of it, I could've hardly eat the dinner the Queen had prepared for the family. Fried flying fish, bread, butter, and cheese, with a RedSpot, or Holiday and, sometimes, a cold Fanta, came before dinner was ready to eat at home. Miss Ellie Peter's fried flying-fish were the best! The glass of juice she sold were always cold and had the right mix to it.

I don't remember the "black sand" days. But, you spoke the truth about it. However, jumping of the Siene Boats for a dive was more than a treat for us. Sometimes the owner or Captain of a Siene Boat threw stones at the boys to get them off the boat. It was only a grand-move, and nnothing serious was in it.

Nothing more can be said about out old golden days. Still, they're dearly misse, by those of us who'd lived through it.


HEY DNJ are true Bay man is if u living on the side of d bay,that is coming from TOWN the bay is on d left hand side when u get to GOUYAVE,(RIGHT OR WRONG,(MAN ONLY JOKING LOL)YES ZAFAR is right about staying in gouyave late from school waiting for the FLYING fish boats to come in,man sometimes some of d boats never arrive sometimes lata,late,late,no wind and they have to pull oars cause there was no engines at the time LOL, YES DNJ there was plenty,plenty activities going on d beach especially on sundays when nearly everybody took part in some sort of sporting feature,I do recall some of the names U mention in your Praise BOOK LOL, I did ALL my training in LONGJUMPING on d BEACH,i spent hours after school practicing as a school boy to compete for ST,JOHNS RC SCHOOL in the ISLAND WIDE sports day in QUEENS PARK,AND I remember on sports day I was the first competitor to JUMP and I achived 16ft.6ins on my first JUMP,NO body else did better,so I was declared d WINNER,that year ST,JOHNS RC SCHOOL was declared the winning SCHOOL ISLANDWIDE, I think my record JUMP was SURPASS a few years later,dont know by WHO, Would like to know thou (LOL) THOSE WERE GOOD GOOD young days never to be repeated AGAIN AS OLD AGE TAKE OVER NOW LOL LOL,


The nice thing was that no one was limited to be on the bay. Guys came from almost every part of Gouyave to hold a fresh in the sea. The Bay was another interesting place to have fun on any given day. But for most of us, the fun didn't begin till after school. The two or three hours spent playing on the bay were well spent. It was like everybody's gymnasium, without a cost to enter. Apart from the fishing boats coming back to shore late at night, some folks had to stay up to clean the flying-fish thatthey brought. The little llate hang outs were enjoyable too.

Unforgeful days they were indeed!

Zafar had a good memory of those days; he experienced them.