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Towards a Dying Breed

It might have been Charles Barkley or perhaps another basketball player who a long time ago commented that as far as the owners are concerned, ball players are nothing more than paid slaves. He was taken to task by many of his comrades for making what some called an asinine and outlandish condemnation.

The owner of the Los Angeles Clippers has brought us around full circle. If the statements attributed to Donald Sterling are true in this current NBA turmoil, then whoever that ball player was, we should now turn around and compliment him for his far-sighted commentary. Who is laughing now! Looking back at it, he was not a rabble rouser after all as some thought he was. He was just far more insightful than his counterparts, and without blinking an eye was able to recognize and stare down the plain naked truth. Sometimes it is extremely hard to accept the truth even when it is staring straight down at you. Some of us prefer to keep our blinders on, and pretend that what should be obvious doesn't really exist. It's as if living in a fool's paradise is more comforting than facing reality.

As it stands, I have to wonder if the outrage expressed by some of the other NBA owners are really genuine, or was done simply for public consumption. I wonder if Mr. Sterling wasn't merely giving verbal expression to what others, though privately, also believe to be true.
Legislation can force some to do the right thing, but no legislation can ever change a person's beliefs and what they hold dearly, that is unless they themselves are ready to make that change. That's what the alleged racial sayings of Mr. Sterling are revealing. Left to his own accord, chances are Mr. Sterling would have had an all White basketball team, despite how difficult it might have been. But living and functioning in modern reality, he had no choice but to have Black players and Doc Rivers, his Black coach on his LA Clippers basketball team.
Btw, what's ironic about the entire alleged story is that the woman Mr. Sterling, supposedly his girlfriend, did not want associating with Blacks, was herself of Black and Mexican descent! How about that!!!

Many years ago, Malcolm X sarcastically castigated a noted Black reporter, reminding him that no matter how educated and up in society a Black man may be, he is nothing more than an educated monkey in the eyes of a White man. As we are seeing now, there was much wisdom in Malcolm's words. Whether you are Lebron James making millions of dollars because of your superb basketball skills, or Muhammad Ali who understood that fact so well, that in no way erases what is basic in you. You are Black no matter how they cut it. Indeed you are no different than any other Black man be he a blue collar worker, a Black person on welfare, a famous ball player, or yes, even an Ivy League college professor.

Hopefully and just hopefully Mr. Sterling and his ilk are nothing more than the last vestiges of a dying breed of Jim Crow mentality. When a Barack Obama was twice elected as the American POTUS, we should all take hope that the new American generations, both Black and White, are beginning to judge a man not by the color of his skin, over which he has no control, but by the mettle of his character.

And for that we should all be thankful for that Brave New World that is unfolding before our very eyes despite remnants like Donald Sterling, Rush Limbaugh, and John Beck etc.

Re: Towards a Dying Breed

As long as black people continue to keep their destiny tied-up in the religion of the white masters, they are doomed to their present condition; Wage slaves. That I have no doubt about.
This present day form of Christianity is not the religion of God, but a version created by the white man to control the masses physically, mentally and spiritually. And it has been working very well for them so far. Until we come to our senses and stop worshiping that white blond hair blue eyes god they gave us, we are stuck in a moment way back there, 1600 years ago.
The religion God teaches; that He is One, He is Unique and there is no god but He. Neither God nor his Prophets ever mention a trinity. He is neither a son nor a father for there is none like him, He is the Creator of all things. He alone is worthy of worship.

Re: Towards a Dying Breed

Let me be devil's advocate here for a moment. I know what he said was horrible, but what I cannot understand is how can a private conversation be recorded without one's permission, and be turned in to the authorities and be used against that person without due process. In California there is actual law about recording one's conversation without authority. Sir Tony DeCoteau, maybe you can get some legal information and get back to us. What are your thoughts on this anyway? I think what he did was not right, however were his rights not violated according to the law? we do know a lot of these folks always have a way of slipping through the cracks, but it is still his team and Magic and the other sharks are just out there as opportunists awaiting the kill to make big bucks from black folks and call it business too.

You do realize we as a people spend too much we do not have especially on sports instead of educating our children. Not all of us will be Magics or Birds or Jorden

Re: Towards a Dying Breed

Thank you Duncan Charles for posting your thoughts. Really my friend, why should your opinion have to be like mine? That you have one is what really counts. All I care is that it doesn't get personal and cantankerous.

Now that this is said, let me address what you said.

>>Sir Tony DeCoteau, maybe you can get some legal information and get back to us.<<

I am not a lawyer, and doesn't have any more access than you have to the legal profession. If you want that information, why don't you get it yourself and get back to us?

>>I think what he did was not right, however were his rights not violated according to the law?<<
I can't answer that question. But I'll be surprised if the legal minds that work for the NBA did not take that question into consideration. That they acted so deliberately and severely tells me that they were on firm ground in rendering their decision. We'll just have to wait and see if they are opened to a legitimate legal recourse.