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"Sister" is commonly used to greet a female member of a church,and by a younger sibling in a family. A few people in some villages called another villager "Sister", but not everyone called them by that name.

There were two ladies in Gouyave, who everyone called "Sister", even though they were not members of, let's say, The Pentecostal, The Berean, or The Seventh Day Adventist Churches. One of the ladies were known to be a devoted Roman Catholic Church goer, where Sister This, and Sister That weren't heard at all. The other lady was a little bit too old, and did not venture out of her home, whether rain nor sun. Still, they were called "Sister", but its reasons are unknown to me.

The ladies did not live close to each other, and I don't think that they were related to each other either. However, one of them lived in the immediate area of Gouyave,.while the other resided off the town of Gouyave. The one that lived in the immediate area of the town of Gouyave was a seamstress. The one that lived off the immediate area of Gouyave wasn't a seamstress, but had owned her own Variety Store. It was the only Store that was in that part of Gouyave. The store was big and used to be well stocked with merchandise to sell. It wasn't the most popular store, but it used to do well each and every year. My mother was a die-hard supporter of the store.

In a way, one would've believed that the lady who lived in the immediate area of Gouyave was a sort ofa Nun, because her head was always covered or tied with a piece of cloth that resembled the headpiece that the Nuns wore, or she wore a hat on her head even on a bright, hot, and sunny day. And she went to the church every morning, to take in the morning services that were held for the early morning worshipers.

These ladies had not children that I'd known. But one of them had adopted children, or relatives, except Agustas, who lived with her. They were living in The Market Square Area. The other lady lived on St. Dominic Street, not far away from The Roman Catholic Church that she frequented,and had no children, whether adopted, or otherwise, living with her. For one thing, she'd lotsof good friends that she aassociated with,.and laughter amongst them was plentiful.

For an entire village to call one of its own "Sister" was a good sign of respect for that person. Sister Flo, and Sister Glads were two of the most luckiest ladies to be called "Sister", by everyone in Gouyave. They weren't close to be living the life that a Nun lived, but they were strong ladies, and had faith in God that was stronger than a" Mustard Seed", with a passion to live the best life that they could have ever lived.

Gouyave had seen some of the best Grenadian citizens the world has known. From generation to generation, the people from Gouyave have lived by the principle of being good to their neighbors, .a strange, .a friend, and every other man, woman, child.

Sister Flo, from Market Square, and Sister Glads from St. Dominic Street were no exception to showing their love, kindness, and honesty to everyone that came close to them.

A solid mark was left behind by those wonderful people from Gouyave, who were here before us. Following in their footsteps will keep you in check with your own life.

Sister Flo, and Sister Glads were great examples, from whom one couldn't have beg for anything more from them.


HEY DANIEL nice of you to describe SISTER GLADS,who was my HEAD god Mother, as sister glads (RIP)and my mother (RIP) was best of friends in their growing up days,and it was sister glads who gave me my NAME, I remember as a boy we lived in sister glads HOUSE for a number of years,nearly every body in gouyave respected sister glads,as she use to see nearly every school child going to school from where she was living never missed a thing LOL,RIP sister glads


Thanks, Melo!

You said everything about Sister Glads character. That socially speaking about her!

Sister Glads was a very friendly woman. She spoke with everyone who went passed her house on St. Dominic Street. Her house was in the right place,.where almost every child that was going to The St. John's RC School had to pass. She made it a duty to see that the children made it to the schoolhouse on time. Besides,she acted, in a small, but significant manner,.as a School Crossing Gruad everyday. Really, Sister Glads had endless love, and shared it in abundance!

Sister Glads felt that everyething she ddid was a responsibility.

Sister Glads was just as you described her. Definately, she didn't need a pass to get to Heaven; nor any permission from God, to sit down at His right hand.


Are you referring to the dear Sister Flo who had a little store and in later years lived close to the River after you passed St. Rose School?


Yes. The place you described d where Sister Flo lived was the only one I know.