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Re: You gotto love Gouyave

>>And we had "Mouse" from Victoria Road (Carpo Street).<<

Weren't they talking about things pertaining to the food that we ate? DNJ, Miss Melda would have killed you if she only knew that you used to eat "mouse" behind her back!!(lol). Just kidding, my friend.

Re: You gotto love Gouyave

I'd understood the initial post that Arthur posted here. He used the names of some mere animals, the nicknames of some fellas in Gouyave. He did not name them as "food", but as to build a "zoo". If he'd named them as edible, then, I would've believed it to be coming from an Asian point of view, where ecology is highly displayed with what kinds of animals they (China, Japan), find delicacy in.

I took the view of the common approach Arthur used, to bring credence to his story. And, so, hence the reason why I'd mentioned "Mouse, Manicou" in my reply to Mangodog's take on the subject.

According to Mangodog, Arthur had left out "Piece a Pork" in his story. Piece a Pork too, wasn't an animal that was consumed as food. In fact, he was a fisherman, who toiled hard in the sea. He was a human being, with a wife, Queen,.and some children to go with that.

Oh, sure. Miss Melda was a hater of mice, cockroaches, and spiders looming in her house. She purchased cans of Baygon Spray, and endless mouse traps to rid them out of her home. She would've been extremely annoyed with any one of her childre, who ate the mouse for any reason at all. If they did, then it would've been one of her biggest secrets kept.

I felt the kidding attitude that you came up with. It brought laughter to me, and extended beforehand, a brilliant and spectacular start of my day!

It was a great piece of humor!