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Re: MYA et.al "with unrufleled Feathers" Re. The Gentrification of Bathway

(Continuing from above)

So in essence, we seem to have no tolerance at all for the ancestral works displayed by our own Tivoli Drummers as they seek to awake the dormant African spirit contained in all on us on a Fish Friday night or during our 29th. June festivities. “Downstreet! wey you dey, boi?......LOL. They expect us to cast this form of entertainment aside in search of “a more civilized one” and declare our arrival day all over again.

But back on point, you may recall one pointing to a similar case in England where the new owners of a residence located in the vicinity of a one hundred year cricket playing field felt quite disturbed by the damages inflicted to their home by the Cricketers’ balls and had seek redress in a Court of Law. The resulting ruling by the court “they bought into the location, hence cannot complain now” seems apropos. But that is England and rightfully as the ruling may have been, we on the other hand seem to be addressing the Bathway issue with such disdain for our culture, with our policemen responding without hesitation to every call from the Guest House owners while elevating their concerns and those of their guests over our tradition.
It is here where I believe the ground-work for your contention may find a springboard for the “Slave mentality concept” you alluded to earlier whenever you decide to launch. Remembering that this is not a new challenge, because some fifty years earlier, we too saw the same sentiment displayed by Donald McIntyre from Hills View in Gouyave, who found it quite inconvenient to blow his horn as a warning to children (myself included) while we played in the junction at the bottom of the Hill’s intersection with Edward Street. Many an evenings you could have seen a Policeman conveniently in the vicinity to provide a safe passage for him up that hill.

Re: MYA et.al "with unrufleled Feathers" Re. The Gentrification of Bathway

Vernon, I do not see the Bathway issue as complex at all. The blame must squarely lie with the Grenadian Governments whose lack of vision and ignorance of the requirements of civil society, have created issues, which should never arise.
Every Grenadian knows that for over 100 years Bathway has been the country's MOST POPULAR BEACH AND PICNIC SPOT.There is no other place in Grenada that deserves the title of National Park, more than the Bathway Levera waterfront.
To allow a proprietor to place a Guest House in the middle of the nations premier entertainment area is too ridiculous for words. If the words "Land Use" and "Zoning" are not familiar to the Dept of Lands, on the second floor of that complex in the Gardens, they need to shut it down and send everybody home.

That Foreigners can use OUR police, to trample on the birthrights of OUR people on OUR OWN BEACH, and we gonna take it "JES SO" we must be mad or what.