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The Extra Strong, and The Peppermint Candies were a favorable treat at night in almost every home in Gouyave. Our parents made sure that the availability of those candies were at the forefront, especially the fairytale stories that were told to their children, who gathered around to listen the weird tales of Bear Annasi, Macmare Pentard, Zaire, and Compare Tig. The candies gave us, the children, more zealous ways and insurmountable attention, that had helped us to get a belly filled with jokes for a good night's sleep. Besides, the smoothing taste of the Extra Strong and Peppermint candies lasted for more than the expected time in our mouths.

No night was good for us without the Extra Strong and the Peppermint Candies. Each candy gave us the complete satisfaction, because they were meant to give out just that.

Without the Extra Strong, and the Peppermint candies in some homes, the nightly moods were asboring as a night that was filled with heavy rains.

The heavy rains, when it did occur at night were a dreadful one. There were no gatherings of some villagers in one place to recite a poem, nor tell a Nancy Story. But, still, there were the Extra Strong, or the Peppermint Candies to share with the family members at home.

Missing was the children from the immediate areas,.that'dtheir own band and conservation, while the elders were telling a Nancy Story. But, it fell right back into place the night after, when the falling rains were over.

I remembered clearly, that mother got the Extra Strong and Peppermint Candies from Mr. Frank.DaBreo, and from Miss Idora DeCoteau's Grocery Story. Sometimes, they were purchase from Mr. DJ Boyke's Store as well. And, for us children, it didn't ring a bell as to where the candies were purchased. All that was important to us was that we'd something to keep our mouths wagging,.during the two or three hours of the nightly entertainments that was and integral part of our youthful days.

Today, life is different than what it used to be. The older folks are dead, and,so, is the costoms that were once a vital part of the communities. Hardly, if it still exist can the Extra Strong be found in any store, whether grocery, or otherwise. But I've seen the Peppermint Candy in some Spanish Grocery Stores. I must that the taste of the Peppermint Candy that is sold in the Soanish-speaking Stores are somewhat tasteless. Missing from it is the burning sensations that had captured the urges that were once there. To a great extend, the size of that Peppermint candy is cut into larger pieces, than what I'd known.

Now, as I'm longing to get a taste of the past, albeit most impossible at this time and space in this life, the recollections of past occurrences has failed in its bid to escape my youthful days. But, I have to accept the things I cannot change,and live with each and every one of it in the best way I can.

The Extra Strong, and the Peppermint Candies were a good nightly treat for some Gouyaverian, .afer.dusk, and during the elders teachings that were principally for a stronger uupbringing of the young people in the neighbourhood.