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Photography is the capturing of the moments, and what was captured in it told no lies. Besides, it's been said that 'a picture is worth more than a thousand words'. One just need good eyesight to see and read it correctly.

There has never been an urgent need to perserve a phitograph after it"s been taken by any photographer, than to save it. After many years, the same images will still be intact, and its ooriginality, albeit faintish, will bring wonderful memories back to the time and the moment just as they were to the owner of the photograph. Someimes, it may overwhelm the owner of the photograph to see how things were in the past, and how much it has changed. Laughter is always following the fresh look back at life from that past time.

There weren't many photographers in the town where I grew up. As of now, I can only recall at least three of them. They were Mr. Bosolay (sp), Mr. Michael DaBreo, and Mr. O'Clara Francis. Each one of them had a unique style, when they were standing behind their cameras. To capture the moment correctly, they saw to it that the person or persons in front the camara was absolutely ready for the shot to be taken. They asked for a 'Smile', or, to say the word 'Cheese', before pressing on the shutter to take the snap.

There were no instant camaras used by the above mentioned phitographers. One had to wait for a short period, before he got the photograph from the photographer. But that didn't soften the hiring of any of the phtographers to capture the moments that one was looking for. And, it did worth the while to wait on them, because the photographs always came back the exact the way it should be, which made it a happy moment for the person(s) in it.

Another thing was that two out of the three photographers that Gouyave had were Secondary Schools Graduates. Mr. Francis was a student at The Grenada Boy's Secondary School, in Tanteen, St. George's; while Mr. M. DaBreo attended The Presentation Boy's College in parts of the most immediate areas of St. George's. With a Secondary School education, any one would've been looking forward towards seeing these two young men persue an up-scaled career,rather than resorting themselves to photography. But, they'd a strong passion for using the cameras, as a pastime, or for making some small change here and there out of it. Besides, a man's love for anything in life is his love no matter what it takes to make it a reality.

But Mr. O'Clara Francis was the most, by far, lucrative photographer that was in Gouyave. He came from a small family, who'd owned one of the best Variety Stores in Gouyave. Although the store wwasn't on The L'Anse, the most popular place, still, it was in an easy-to-reach area, just off Lower Depardine Street. Many people used that street where the store was located to go to their destinations, wherever that was.

The store name was 'BATA'. It had a large glass showcase overlooking the street. There O'Clara had many photographs taped down on the glass of the showcase. They were some of his most elegantly looking snapshots ever seen by men. It also brought more business for him. It was the differences of a professional photographer, and one who was serious, but lacked the measure of a full backup to showcase his work.

In actuality, all three photographers were very skillful. I'd used everyone of them to work for me, especially when I had corresponding attachments with pen-pals from as far as Chile, Europe, America, Antigua, Canada, Venezuela, India, and St. Christopher, formerly known as St. Kitts.

Having such wonderful individuals from Gouyave, was internationally, albeit local, seen by Gouyaverians from ever since time became modernized to them. And, to this day, it remains a traditional aspect to have, that will not disappear at any time soon from the face of 'The Town That Never Sleep'.

Thanks to the people before us,.who'd seen the light, and open up the closed doors for the young generations to walk through, without any detrimental or obstacles standing in their way.