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Levita "Jengy" Alexander has died.

Just as there are some things that I wish could continue forever, so too there are some people who I wish could stay young forever. Levita Alexander also known as “Jengy” was one of them.
That's why in a sense I wished I'd never seen her whenever I visited Gouyave. I wanted to remember her as always young and stammering to get her words out even when she came to buy groceries in my mother's shop.
Not this time though. I honestly did not recognize her at first during my last visit. Jengy was now the slightly frail elderly woman who greeted me with "Teacher Tony, you come." But in the characteristic stammering way by which she spoke, I knew immediately that this was my old friend Levita "Jengy," one of my favorite people in Gouyave.

Seeing her brought back a flood of memories of the Gouyave of my boyhood. There was her mother, Miss Rhoda, her sister, Elena, her brother Peter "Bad Axe" Joseph and his younger brother Allan "Bulla".
Now I was standing in a transformed Edward Street that had very little resemblance to the Edward Street of Mr McCloud and Miss Sangrine, Mr and Mrs Terry, Tant-I-E, Miss Leanora and Mr Mannie, Miss Sylvia "Dada" and her husband "Cash," and of course Mr and Mrs Neville Benjamin, Melo's dad.

Much as I wanted time to stand still, I had to come to grips that those Edward Street folks had long since past, so it was only natural that Jengy would now be an old lady just as I too am approaching that phase of life.

To all her family and friends, please accept sincere condolences from "Teacher" Tony on behalf of the DeCoteau family.

May she rest in peace. Gone but not forgotten.