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My Open Letter to Lady Liberty

Dear Lady Liberty

You stand majestically, with torch in outstretched hand; without a sound, with words that touch the very soul of our being. And with a purpose so entrenched in the hearts and minds of every man, the prospect of a new beginning; to start a refreshed life, breathes a sigh of relief among many.

Said you, Lady Liberty ".......Give me your tired, your poor,Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!".

These passionate words that exemplify the true meaning of acceptance and inclusion into one's society, point towards achieving that liberal utopia of a dream for which WE, West Indians in general, have always respected. Sadly thought, there are others who view this invitation with disdain and have politicized and publicized their intent for a revisitation of those very words, as it is their belief that the 'huddled masses' you mentioned are now infiltrated with "diabolic contaminants".

You asked nothing else of us, only that we acknowledge and respect that opportunity, as no other can provide among the varied nationalities of the world, such lucrative accommodations.
And that, we have done; finding our true potential, whether through education in the Arts and Sciences, or with our God-given talent of creativity and imagination. Still, we found time to meet and share our memories of a distant home; that rich and vibrant culture, our Forefathers gift to us; those smiles we had not forgotten; the renewed purpose for which we now hold so dear.

Today you cry, with tears dripping down your face, leaving us to wonder how long would you continue to be that beacon of hope; that last bastion of assurance; that sanctuary where the dignity of man with all his fallibilities can be accepted and be given "free passage without hindrance".

Must we now succumb to the depths of human degradation and barbarism as a compromise to placate those with mal-intentions? or must we continue to embrace your words in perpetuity so that future generations may enjoy that gift of "a fresh start", unbridled by the social designations of their past.

The path we seem to be following now may one day call for your desecration; your words, never to be spoken in the mouths of the oppressed; the dissenters and the marginalized but be repealed in a court under some sub-section, deep in the annals of an archaic law to advance the aspirations of an overzealous "Legal Luminary".

Pardoning my coloqual hyperbolic tone my Lady, to put it mildly, "it is getting nasty out there", as we try to find the true meaning and intent of that "new normal" we all should be getting accustomed to. But still we will continue to come, leaving behind, our children, family and friends, some never to be seen again; to start our lives afresh; to improve our lot in life.

I for one would like to thank you, Lady Liberty.


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