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Re: Whose interpretation? Ours or theirs?

Tony, talking about strange stuff and history in America something took me by surprise last week.


Last week MSNBC/NBC (The station that brags about being the most Liberal Values station in America) gave a popular The Today Show slot – the 9AM, held by Al Rocker and Tamron Hall – both African Americans, to former FOX-NEW Megyn Kelly. Tamron Hall was so humiliated she refused the millions offered to her to stay on the sidelines and instead left the show to maintain her dignity. Now how could something like that happen? Is MSNBC/NBC more about $$$$ than Liberal VALUES? Obviously. This is the station where Al Sharpton and Rachel Maddow speak so much against the Right Wing values in America and how it continues to oppress African Americans and Americans of different sexual lifestyles. What are we to make of that? The contradictions are just shocking and no one in the African American liberal Establishment dare talk out against MSNBC/NBC because their jobs will be at stake. It is all about the dollar. I think we need to realize that and stop fooling ourselves into believing that we have champion Liberal systems out there fighting for our survival and wait till it become very oblivious like the Civil War – that it was all about the almighty dollar.

The MSNBC Executives saw the potential for Right Wing FOX-NEWS Megyn Kelly who got so much publicity from her controversial stand against Trump, to cash in on her popularity. Never mind that she was once one of FOX-NEWS shining star on selling conservative right wing values to America. How can we have any faith in anything after that with the ones like Al Sharpton and Rachel Maddow who sits there quietly after this insult is done to one of the most promising black woman role model looked up to by so many promising African American Journalists who believe that the values that they bring to a popular show and the community is what matters, and not the almighty dollar? Can we learn something from this or just accept it as a wise business move in a system where the true trust is in the Almighty Dollar?