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Will tonight confirm that the Trump victory can only happen in La la Land?

Back in the good old days, whenever a big event was about to take place, those of us in the Grenada, T&T and the southern Caribbean especially, would say "Tonight is de Bongo Night. Vinni way. vinni way bongo."

It's an old calypso line that I hope is still around for it is a good reminder of what is about to happen in Hollywood tonight. Yes tonight is indeed the Bongo Night, alias the OSCARS!
I pray God that despite the critics' clamor for "La La Land," movie-goers' favorite "Hidden Figures" or "Fences" or even stretching our imagination, "Manchester by the Sea" will win the best picture of the year.
How can La La Land be even considered a contender much less win the coveted trophy, beats the living daylight out of me. And I'm not the only one that's befuddled. Listen to those (Blacks and whites) in Montclair and West Orange, NJ, who saw both movies, and you'll hear echoes of the same bewilderment. Btw, polls are indicating that those same sentiments are nationwide.

Hey decision makers, the people's overwhelming choice for the presidency was thwarted and ignored last November, do we have to have our choice hoodwinked once again? Or is this a pattern of lousy winners that has overtaken America from politics to entertainment in the era of Donald Trump?

Let's hope that they will get it right this time. But regardless of the outcome, I urge you all, especially Downstreet/Selwyn to go see this year's crop of fantastic, thought-provoking and educating movies.