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Selwin, Downstreet et al,The Signs of Time Are Here Again

Monsieur Selwyn,

"The signs of times" have me reflecting on my early soldiering years in West Germany as it was known back then and my exposure to some of the living conditions under a Police State. The division between East and West that resulted from the WWII agreement between the old Soviet Union and the US had called for the then infamous "Berlin Wall" to be erected, thus separating families on both sides of the divide.

My most ominous experience however, came when on my way to East Berlin (the East German capital at the time) and seeing Soviet Soldiers with their AK 47's manning that Razor Barbed Wire Wall with orders to "shoot to kill" and with facial expressions indicative of their intent. My arrival at the " Check Point Charley" brought me closer to those who were awaiting orders to kill me as I too was awaiting the same. All this time, the Generals and Politicians were giving us the assurance that their "MAD Theory" (Mutually Assured Destruction, that is) would guaranty our safety; how comforting. But it was at that point when I came to the conclusion that we had not evolved too far away from the other animals; enough to refer to ourselves as "superior" in any way, shape or form. In fact, the despotic nature of some politicians has placed them/us, by extension (Hemo Sapiens) in a category way below our Cousins in the animal kingdom. And at the blink of an eye, we can evolve to invoke a level of brutality against our fellow man, in a manner that no other animals can. The coded phrase of "the enemy" commands us to kill, maim or destroy not becsuse of hate, they tell us but in order for us to survive.

Another rude awakening came later while teaveling on the Strassenbahn (Street Car). It had stopped suddenly when two Police Officers boarded and shouted in a commanding voice,  "Actung! Actung! papers bitte" (attention! attention! papers please) at which time, all passengers were required to prove their identity. The realities of living in a Police State meant that all had to show identification card/papers to the authorities when requested. Failure to do so would certainly mean you would be arrested.

You see Selwyn, all this came in the aftermath of situations over a half century earlier that gave rise to many demagogues, the most notorious of all, Afolf Hitler. His coalescing of like minds, to harness power and act in the name of "making his country great again" (sounds familiar?) had perpetuated an environment of hate, so much so, that even the Catholic Church had to capitulate and survived only after appeasing the Third Reich with its blind-eyed approach towards the Jews. In the end, over 6 Million of them were massacred in the Holocaust.

That period in time had given rise to a sentiment of race superiority that had permeated into the consciousness of man where he can point to another as inferior to himself and as such must be eliminated. In the end, the human cost alone to the world was over 60 Million, all resulting from the ideas of one man. Today, it is said that the walls of the Nuremberg Parade Grounds still echo with the speeches of this melogomanical, grandiloquent, bombastic and narcissistic leader. The signs of times, my friend, long thought to have been forgotten seem ever-pressent as we are witnessing the evolution of yet another leader, following in the footsteps of his totalitarian predecessors with only the Supreme Court standing in his way.

As I write this, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement branch of the Federal Government (ICE) is engaging in clandestine operations to recruit spies in various neighborhood through the US. Their intentions of rounding up our Brothers and Sisters, Latinos and West Indians would be fair game but not a soul would be touched from Saudi Arabia or Israel.

And there is more!

The often regarded "fourth brance of government" in our democracy, "the Free Press", has been declared "the enemy of the people".Their responsibility to the public in bringing us the news of the day, supported by the verifiable facts have been replaced with "alternative facts", all designed to fit the established agenda.

Officers and Administrators of our legal system that form the Judiciary Branch of government is relegated with a designation of "so-called Judges".

Our dependent relationship with our designated intelligencia to determine foreign goverments that are friend or foe is now shattering daily as the surreptitious dealings by appointed officials are being openly denied, even in the face of captured communique.

And what is more frightening is the always suspecting Right and their new found convenience of opportunity that has provided them with the controll of every branch of government. They have coalesce behind the established order in a frenzied obedience to  every word; explaining them away with often convoluted statements of repetative sound- bites with their version of what is meant rather than what is said.

And there is always the threat of the newly invoked litigous side of this group waiting to mount a challenge to anyone who dare to speak out against them.They make no apologies for using the deep pockets of our own government against us; threatening us into bankruptcy in defense of our rights to dissent.

So yes! Selwyn my boi, we are indeed in a period of "introspection" up here, where even the writing on Gogouyave can be suspect and who knows, if we fail to phrase our lines properly, "we can make ah Gaol" and Dog! would have indeed eaten our supper.

"If you see me fren Downstreet, tell him things up here doh looking good so save ah bottle of Rivers or Clarks Coat for me because ah can't see ah Psychiatrist with the little pan-qui ah have.