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The Pont de L'anse; The Univetsite; The people

"Awakening The French in Me" while remembering our creative and poetic poster, "Devril". Her contribution to us, with her "Land of Shallotte River" poem had served as an inspiration for my post, with all due literary imbellishments rightfully deserved.

Sitting on the land of Charlotte River river is The "Pont de L`anse Universite' "; that "school of hard knocks" that spans its breath. With its distinguished Cast Iron, Steel Knobbed Railings, it sat at the epicenter of le Boulevard de Depradine in Charlotte Town. Le Pont had served as the demilitarized zone between the waring religious factions and capitalist bourgeoisie to its South and the good decent and peace-loving residence in the French Quarters to its North hence the prefererred location for l'Universite'. It is in that school where one would get one's belly, a fitting characteristic of the Northerners......lol while jooking my Bredren, Downstreet.

In its heydays, it was intentionally purposed to be the thorofare for the economic hubb of the Northern Parishes and their interior suburbs, providing "free passage without hindrance" to enhance the Western Side (yes Sir.! Mr. DeCoteau) agriciltural initiative. It had also served the purpose of providing credentialing for the fertile minds that formed a gauntlet on its Northern walls, addressing all and sundry with no semblance of a compromise as to character or social status.

The free spirited discussions and debates that took place there, did not discriminate between the bombastic, braggadociousness of the many; the prying eyes of the "tormentous sallupues" on the passersby nor the local minds of the town's intelligencia group, despite "not receiving their proper salutations at times".

And over the years, the venue was able to retain its notoriety, so much so, that one could have observed a Clergy, attired in liturgical vestments sitting-in on one of the evening's "seminars" a direct aversion to the more distinct class structure that existed among our adopted Cousins on the South Side.
But as the elements of Mother Nature had taken its toll on Le pont, the growing inconveniences of its practicality had demanded another to take its place. So as it succumbs to the wrecking blades of the Bull Dozer and the Back Hoe, the momories of its students and the footprints imbedded in her path would always be etched in our minds.

It should be said as a fitting epithet to Le Pont, that "the narrowness of your design was antonymous to the minds you help  create."
May your new version be just as strong and memorable.