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Re: The Pont de L'anse; The Univetsite; The people

Well, Well, Well, who would have thought, that an innocuous public works project, such as the replacement of a crumbling bridge across the River Seine, would arouse such nostalgia and passion from agents of the Vikings of the North. In true Trumpian style, they chose to seize this as an opportunity to unleash their hostility against the erstwhile citizens of the Southern Depradine, as if is we "Dat mash up dey bridge"Obama didn't do it, nor did we. Is there any wonder that only the brave of heart ever ventured passed the Demilitarized Zone into Sin City.

Truth be told. we on the South Side never harbored any ill will against our neighbors to the North, nor do we intend to utilize the new wider span to invade or Anglocise the district. We accept as it is, and we are cool. Whatever negative perceptions that may have existed during the childhood of those two stalwart defenders here, are as passé as Hume, and may have been conjured and harbored more by the Northsiders themselves, than the residents of the genteel, Southern suburbs.

While I appreciate the human instinct to stoutly defend ones home turf, one must be careful not to sacrifice truth and reality, upon the altar of patriotic duty. There is no need for our brothers to start moonlighting as cosmeticians, lipstick in hand. I am amazed at the attempt to claim Julien Fedon, as the Hero of the L'anse. Not of Gouyave, not of St Johns, not of the French Colonists through out Grenada, but of that strip stretching from Se Cacca to Bennago. Wow.! So I racked my brain trying to find, if there is a street, a tree, a statue, a seine boat even, commemorating the exploits of the goodly monsieur. Nada, I mean "non". I even call Selwyn up in the "Camp". He say "de only ting he see up dey in manicou, tattoo and monkey,running around, but it so cold he tink he coming back down.

I agree that the school of hard knocks was the "University" of my youth. On many a night, I ventured passed the DMZ, onto the North Side. It was Las Vegas, Disneyland and Dodge City all rolled into one. From the drinking saloons from which inebriated patrons will summon schoolboys to enter and settle arguments, and would not be allowed to leave until they "take one", to Cassaman's Cellblock Casino, where one can gamble illegally on pin ball, or legally on billiards or table tennis, the ladies of the night, and characters, characters, the likes of which Disney is yet to behold. It was the only spot in Grenada's 120 sq miles alive after 10 pm and awake after midnight. As satellite pictures taken from space would have undoubtly shown shown. Fellas embrace it, I have.

It mattered not that the Christians and prudes among us characterized the place as Sodom and Gomorrah, Sin City and other bastions of ill repute, this was very unfortunate , and I took a very different view. I loved it then and I love it now, my footprints are deeply etched on the "Pons du L'anse" and I share your desire to preserve it in some way, for posterity. If you fellahs in de States, will start a fund raising drive, I will accommodate the bridge Downstreet, on the Dougaldston River, and rename it de Julien Fedon Causway. Psych! but run de bread.

Finally I must admit that Downstreet is not blameless for the Wild Wild West character of the North Side. After all it was the location of Buonaparte's Theatre, which fed wannabe desparados from a steady diet of American Westerns, featuring such luminaries of the silver screen, such as John Wayne, Lee Van Cleef, and Jack Pallance.The young cowboys voraciously ate it all up, and took it back to their hoods, acting out what they had just imbibed, as they traversed Northwards, along the Depradine. There is still a lot of Dodge in the DNA of our Northern Cuzzins.