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The Bull is on his way to the Abattoir.

Mr Verntoni,
I always doubted your adopted French ancestry, and from your correct name, as revealed to T/S Selwyn, I have to admit it sounds kinda Italian. No surprise to me since many of the folks in the Alpine regions often found themselves on the wrong side of the border, while gathering firewood during a snowstorm. You feel me, Mon Amie? Paisan.

So was that Dangerous Don, that notorious Orange Bull, being marched through the streets of the Depradine by one Buddeh, on their way to the slaughter house, after wrecking a Chinese shop/ Restaurant on the L'anse. I empathise with you, for that cloud of doom and gloom, which is envelopping your leader and mentor, President Chump.And I hope you think long and hard before casting your vote next time. If there is a nest time.

It takes a certain mentality,or more correctly a lack of mental capacity, for a grown man to believe that in 2017, during the Digital age, that one would expect Western Civilization, to be lead by the nose by the basket of deplorables, who are devoid of decorum, education,and a duty to preserve world peace and order, over their mining and manufacturing jobs.

We have all heard of throwing the baby out with the bath water, but until now, I have yet to encounter anyone willing to flush the future of mankind,down the toilet, for a few dollars more.My view from Downstreet, is that it "should" get worse before it gets better. Let them feel the burn, as I did when as a child, I placed my hand on the coal pot, after repeated warnings not to do so by my Grandmudda. When I was finished bawling, a lifelong message was branded on my brain "nevah do dat again!".