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Re: “Somebody else’s babies”(?)


I have decided to post an excerpt from a link that may shed some light on the confused racist minds, the likes of David Duke and the now Congressman Steve King. In particularly King as he occupies a space in the Congress, his controversialy twitted diatribe  saying "We can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies" is just his latest pronouncement on racial purity; his! of course. I remember he had opined some time ago in one of his usualy bellicose arguments against other races, ;encouraging White people to "increase their birth rate in order to ensure their continued dominance as a race". Both controversial statements can be regarded as "Mana from Heaven" in the ears of those harboring racist sentiments.

As perverted as this mentality may be to us, one cannot deny that it serves the purpose of what they see as necessary for the continuity of their race but at the expense of all other races. WE! on the other hand must get out of this mode of complacency and recognize that by implication, it is always WE! they are speaking about as the designators to receive the shorter end of the stick . As such, it behooves all of us to make congruent arguments to ensure that they never rise to any pinnacle of power by remaining vigilant in our rememberance of that relationship between "the dog and our supper and whose belly that eventually got full".
These are the realities of a continuous fight the must be waged by those who do not fit into "their theory of evolutionary civilization", US!

So if we must begin with a preamble to the conversation in making our argument, it is important to first recognize that the "original Founding Fathers" were not a monolithic group that suddenly had an epiphany; found purity in their hearts and a desire to be righteous. In fact they had found conveinences, only in the words they had written but in practice, took accommodations in a system of subserviancy. One has to remember that it was that same group that presided over the Slavery Economic System at the time that had designated Blacks as property to be owned and be dispatched with, at will. And it is also from that group where Conservatism had taken its roots to be emualated now by the Scalias, Kings,Dukes, Trumps and Cruzes of the world. 

 So by way of practicing  their pathological hypocracy,  'We the people' of 1788 did not and could not have recognized Blacks/Slaves as being in the "WE group", as de jure Slavery had continued until 1865, almost eight decades later before it was abolished and continued on (albeit in the more de facto form of Jim Crowe) for more than another eight decades. It was therefore necessary for a new connotation, one that had conjured up an implied recognition as a conveinence, in order that we could get to the 'We The People' of 2017. It was purely by virtue of societal changes that incorporated 'new babies from someone else's Mothers, coming into fruition to make their contribution to the civilization process while "They"  perceived themselves as their birthright to remain in that privileged group. Both Duke and King followers harbor  sentiments that come from the reality that civilization had left them behind with their arrogance of false superiority complex, hence their continued grunting in our ears.

Here is an explanation of the preamble, "which gets its relevence from the ever-changing beliefs within the structure of society and its incorporated ammendments of the continuing evolving concepts and principles of the "new Founding Fathers".

Thus revisionist version they would say, is what gives them agita.

">>>>......The Preamble can be broken down into many important phrases. All of these phrases are very important for understanding the purpose of the United States Constitution.

We the people: This phrase means all the citizens of the United States of America. Even though the Constitution was written up by some of the most well-educated men of the new country, the rights given under the document were given to all American citizens.

In order to form a more perfect union: The previous government was based on the Articles of Confederation, which were very limited.  When the Framers wrote this, they felt that they were making new government that would be a better way to govern the country.

Establish justice: The reasons why there was Revolution against England were still important to the American citizens, so they wanted to make sure that they would have justice under the Constitution.

Insure domestic tranquility: One of the main reasons why the Constitutional Convention was held was because of Shays’ Rebellion. This was an uprising of farmers in Massachusetts against the state for having to repay war debts. Citizens were worried with the keeping peace within the country’s borders.

Provide for the common defense: There was still a change of being attacked by other countries. No individual state had the power to defend itself against attacks. Because of this, the Framers knew that it was important for the states to defend the nation together.

Promote the general welfare: This phrase meant that the well-being of the citizens would be taken care of as well as possible by the Federal government.

Secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity: The point of this phrase in the Preamble, and the constitution as a whole was to help protect the country’s hard-earned rights for liberty, unjust laws, and freedom from a tyrannical government.

Ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America: This last phrase of the Preamble is a powerful statement saying that the people made this document, and the people give the country its power......<<<<<<"

And it continues to evolve as it rightfully must, in the same manner as the territory of the US have; something the original Founding Fathers could have never imagined.

VJL,in contempt of Scalia, "lying Ted" and De Donald new nominee, Gorsuch.

Re: “Somebody else’s babies”(?)

>>Both Duke and King followers harbor  sentiments that come from the reality that civilization had left them behind with their arrogance of false superiority complex, hence their continued grunting in our ears.<<

That's precisely the problem with those people. Reality has indeed left them behind, but to assuage their supposed importance, they still have to cling to and talk about their self imposed sense of superiority.
While there was definitely no original attempt to include Black people within "We the people" there was no way that preclusion could continue forever. How could it when so many, many Africans were brought here to serve and live among them? Unless White men had the stamina to leave slave women alone, and White women would never yield to the temptation of Jungle Fever, and slavery would last forever, that white man's thing was doomed to failure from the start never mind how long it took. Sooner or later inclusion for their own women and every one else had to be a fact of life in America as it is today.

One of these good days those purist supremacists would eventually recognize the stupidity of their beliefs. Whether they like it or not the times are changing, and the demands to live up to the spirit of the written constitution that they so revere, had to come to fruition in the long run. That's what is killing them!