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>>Race mixing in general and the "slave trade" in particular have so blurred the lines of "Origin" that it is ignorant, and foolhardy, for most mixed race people any where to trace their roots through four or five generations.<<

>>On the white hand side, if you were the seed of the Straw boss, indentured servant, or God Forbid Massa's wife or daughters, "Cuccut eat your nanna." Ain't nobody claiming you, so the trace of your origin stops at the plantation gate, or at whichever far flung location you are shipped off to.Personally I have no desire, to know which lions my ancestors ran from, or from which of the Scottish Highland clans my great-grandfather hailed.<<

Amen, Amen, Downstreet, to both statements.

I am at a loss when I read about our people paying a fortune to "t r a c e" their heritage. DeCoteau is a name I inherited, and the same was true for my father and generations before him until we get to the beginning where the salve simply adopted his slave owner's name because his original name was wiped out of him. Therefore why on God's good earth should I be overly concerned about how the DeCoteau name came about? Now if there was some way that my ancestral African name could be traced, then you'll have much more than just my attention.
That scene in ROOTS where Kinta Kunte was forced to denounce his name and instead call himself Toby tells us the whole story of our so-called heritage and last names.