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Becaiuse of the lack of Interest in the forum, i have stoppped paying for a service that FEW persons use.

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Re: Posters

THEY AL gone on Vacation MERLE (LOL)

Re: Posters

That is what the 50 odd talkshop peepers who never post want to know. Now they have nothing to read but obituaries. They miss, the brango, and de ole talk.Word around de shop, is that two of the most prolific posters from foreign,Monseurs Verntoni has either being ICED or worst yet put on ice, ah dunno which is which.
I hope Arthur puts an APB out on them. Are the communications working from where he is? ah dunno.
Hey, pass de Clarkes Court nuh man.

Re: Posters

Maybe they taking ah rest...........it seems like it only about 5 posters and 200 plus readers. People comes everyday and "peep" but don't post.

Maybe one day, they might start again

Re: Posters

Maybe they decided to take a step backwards to allow those on the sidelines to come to the forefront and express themselves.
Anyway, I'm certain that the well has not ran dry despite Selwyn's speculation(lol).