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Earlyn "Scope" Thomas died

Those of us who knew him as a GBSS/Hostel boy will instantly recognize to whom the nickname "Scope" is referring.

What a joy to have known Scope especially as he was a Grand Roy man. Together with his close friend, Irwin "Kadar/Stoney" Adams they provided all the dancing lessons that we younger Hostel boys needed at the time.
To all his children and other family members please accept my heartfelt sympathy on his passing.

May Earlyn "Scope" Thomas rest in peace.

Re: Earlyn "Scope" Thomas died

HEY tony so sorry to hear about the passing away of EARLYN (SCOPE) who was MATCHUP or SLIM brother I remember when he left the UK for the States, MY Condolence to ALL of his Family and Friends. RIP SCOPE,