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Anybody seen or heard, Mon Amie Vern??? inquiring peepers here would like to know.

Well well well. Nobody noo dat the election of "da Chump" woulda sent two hitherto brave and brash Frenchmen from de big bad L'anse scurrying for cover, deep within the wormholes of the rotten apple.

For 40 days and forty nights, dem ruff and tuff fellahs have not seen the light of day, or this talkshop door, until one ah dem emerge last week.Saying nutten about wey he been all dis time.

Over in the shop, Downstreeters were raising toasts to the dearly departed, and planning a massive happy hour. Who say we doh like de peeple from de Upper Depradine on de South Side?

Speculation abounds as to what could have precipitated the untimely demise of the gold dust twins. The question is, were they iced? or were they ICED? That was until Tee Dee came up for air like he was diving in Bennago, last week.

Talkshop Selwyn who spent ah whole month up in Fedon's Camp smokin...or meditating, channelling Shakespeare say, doh worry wid all dat ole talk, "rumours of their passing was premature".

He say he had a second vision up in de hills, and he saw dem fellahs, kissing up to "Donald of Orange" at de Easter egg roll, on de White House lawn, Easter weekend. He say they went there to present special "egg rolls" from "Mamma San's Epicurian Emporium on the Upper Depradine to de Trumpeter in Chief.

He say at first, they were treated like honored guests from the Spice Island, and the Chump was so happy that he tweeted, "just ate some of the greatest egg rolls E V E R , much better than that stuff that Xi Jinping left at Mara Largo last time he was there". DEN, dat udder Spiceman, Fass Sean Spicer, pipe up and say, "Mr President the Easter Egg roll is about kids playing with Easter Eggs, not Chinese food.

Well Well, Well, de Chump went from orange to red, he summoned the head of ICE and green-lighted the banishment of the Verntoni Twins, to Alaska aka the North Pole, where his friend Vladimir could keep tabs on them. You remember Sarah Palin say she could see Russia from dey?Talkshop Sello, say he is putting together a rescue mission to save his "parren' Vern, Dat is Godfaddah for those who doh know. He learn about dat rescue mission ting from 1983.

But then brappsss! Tony dee show up, but he ah say nuthin! about he other French compere. Night an day ah checkin de obits, but VJL alias de Frenchman, ah know allyu like dat alias ting fuh dead peeple, VJL aint no way to be found he scarcer dan saltfish head..La Qua aint see he. Ah tink we should go ahead wid de "appy hower" in memory of mon amie, we done buy de rum, and pick de bretfoot, for de oil down.

Re: VJL MIA AWOL APB ICED RIP? - by Tony De - May 25, 2017 5:47pm
Re: VJL MIA AWOL APB ICED RIP? - by Vernon Louison - May 27, 2017 5:39pm
Re: VJL MIA AWOL APB ICED RIP? - by Vernon Louison - May 27, 2017 5:40pm