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Veronica Lucas also known as “Linda Scott” has died

The flames that erupted during the capsizing of the bus "Popularity" in the shallow Clozier river, robbed four children of their beloved mother, aunt Helen. Aunt Helen and my mother were very close. She was Ma's paternal half-sister. Cousin Linda, the eldest child and only daughter, continued the tradition and became even closer to her aunty Idora.

Whatever the occasion happened to be, cousin Linda as I used to call her, was always there with Ma. I could not have been any happier to see cousin Rita (my uncle's daughter) cousin Chrisita (my aunt Lucy's daughter), and cousin Linda all joining my sister Rosalind "Muzzey" Mathlin, my brother Wilton and I, as we made preparations for Ma's funeral.
That's a lasting memory of family and relatives gathering and pooling together that will always be with me. Death is inevitable, but it doesn't make it any easier when it finally arrives. That's why I am so saddened to read about cousin Linda's passing as I was looking forward to seeing her again in August.

The last time I saw Linda in 2013, she was so happy to update me about the happenings of her life. By then she was a sickly old woman, who could barely move around her house. But she got up from her chair and sat with me in the veranda overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea, the Park and the Downstreet section of Gouyave. She was especially happy and beamed with joy when she talked about her grand-daughter who had done so exceedingly well in the CXC examination.

Thank you Linda and my other cousins who have long passed on for showing me what it means to have family around to support you.

To her son Odva, who incidentally was one of my beloved Std V1 students in the R.C School, and Linda's other children whose names have escaped me, Linda's brothers, Sony Lucas, Bernard (Bassa-palay) and Cyril (Voom-Po), please accept heartfelt love and sympathy from a cousin who in many ways was shown the meaning of family togetherness by cousin Linda.

Rest in peace, my dearest Cousin Linda.

Re: Veronica Lucas also known as “Linda Scott” has died

TO Sonny Lucas,Voom-Po,and the rest of the Entire family.Please accept my Sympathy on the Passing Of Linda, whom I Remember Quite Well (REST IN PEACE LINDA)