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Beyond The Carnival.... While We Remain Passive

Our Brothers and Sisters just ninety miles to our south have the dubious distinction of providing the highest IsIs/Alkaida sympathizers per capita in the Western Hemisphere. Their efforts are not restricted to just Trinidad and Tobago but some (as many as 400) have already taken up arms and are now fighting in defense of their struggle.

In the interest of "religous freedom and autonomy" should we accept with open arms, those who seek to establish a Muslim Caliphate "by any means necessary" or is it incumbent upon us to protect our state from this initative also" by any means necessary".

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The Monsieur from the French Quarters

Re: Beyond The Carnival.... While We Remain Passive

Welcome back Brother Lou, for a minute I thought that this forum had died and was reposing in Blog Heaven.. replete with accompanying obits, of course. It has occurred to me that many of the readers seem to have a weird fascination with death. It is prime time on Grenada radio and TV the newspapers as well as Go Gouyave, where death news commands space in all categories, including this forum. Must be a tribal thing from our African homeland.

Now about those devoted to killing their fellow human beings in the name of Allah. I also took notice of the movements of our decadent neighbors to the South, whose mission in life seems to be to "make the news" by any means necessary, even if they forfeit their miserable lives in the process.They are no more religious or righteous than the cocaine they trade and consume, or the liquor, the partying, or the wild and often criminal existences they lead, what draws them like a moth to a flame is the notoriety, the infamy, the celebrity gleaned from "Making the news.After all isn't Carnival about putting on a show, and drawing attention to ones self.

I have always advocated that the T&T government could have done the nation a solid, by sponsoring the trips of these wannabe killers to the Middle East, on one-way tickets, and cancelling their passports, once they clear Caribbean airspace. That those who have returned were not lost for ever in jail, but allowed to roam free among the unsuspecting citizenry is a serious dereliction of duty by those who had sworn on THE BIBLE to protect the Nation.

Not too long ago, on a visit to the Southern tip of Fort Jeudy, I stumbled upon a group of about twenty five Muslims, on what might seem as a day by the sea, Syrian style. The women, dressed in the latest Islamic fashions, were wandering about sporting their Hijabs and Abayas, The men wearing mostly western garb, were in a tight group, locked in intense conversation, some distance away.I hoped that they were discussing the mysteries of the Universe, and not the future of the spice Isle. I tried to contact the fly on the wall, but there are no walls in their vicinity.
To be fair and equitable, the St Georges area is inundated with Mormons, Mennonites, and other disparate sects,religious or otherwise, who would not be caught dead in Brooklyn or Harlem,but are vying for Grenadian souls to save.The image of groups of children in the Laborie area dressed in biblical garb, is hard to digest.

Back in the Spice Isle, we are blissfully trying to be Trini. Parties and shows abound, liberally applied as a healing salve to the self inflicted wounds caused by serious unemployment, a poor work ethic and a moribund economy, all symptoms of the insidious poverty resident elsewhere in the Caribbean, such as Jamaica. Guyana and Haiti.Criminal activity involving drugs, homicides, incest and burglary is on the rise, at the same time, a police official was announcing to the world only last month, that the RGPF is a "modern" police force, fully capable of controlling the criminal detainees sent back from overseas.Shades of Kurt Vonnegut"s Player Piano.