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When Former FBI Comey Speaks!


Tey-bey! Tey-bey! Tey-bey for so!

The investigation has begun.

The President "covfefe" can be found in the Russian dossier which would be revealed behind closed doors.

Under my freedom of information rights of open disclosure, "I want to know, what they do not want me to know, so I can make an educated decision as to whether I want to know it or not".

The Monsieur from the French Quarters

Re: When Former FBI Comey Speaks!

Well Bwoy ah was in Mt Gramby this morning, so ah miss the "Comey_de". All is well on the Lower Depradine, far from the "madding crowd" where the mad bulls are running.
Down here its Summertime and the lining is easy, Big jacks are jumpin, and the Rivers is High. So that te bay ting all you dealing wid, is like in annoder planet.

You padner Downstreet say he go make some money offa de Chump, printing Tee Shirts.
He first shirt say
"Reality Winner Trump loser"
Dunno what he mean by dat.
The next Tee shirt say:
Donald! Reality is ah BIAATTCHHH>
Well now ah confuse.

Den he watch de TV in de shop and he call all dem people who talking for trump, Trumpets, so we say "OK we get that," but ah fellah under he grog arks him, Why you calling dem so?
Downstreet go say, "Blow hot air up their backside and all kinda noise come outta dey mouth."
You tink it easy.