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The IMF Covfefe that Have us Giddy

There was a time, not too long ago, we could could have depended on a fellow called "Lloyd of London" and a Sister named "Singing Sandra"(our own home grown folks) to give us the latest developments/happenings in our country. And on cue, they would come immediately in the aftermath of an address or pronouncement to our nation or in anticipation of some major government undertaking. Sandra would remind us with her favorite phrase " WE!, the people want to know"........ while Lloyd would make his battle cry for "the average man on the street" who he religiously reffered to as John Public. Nevertheless, I became an avid reader of their op-ed writings; political commentaries, dismissives or otherwise, not because they both hailed from our beloved St.John's Parish but because they, more than any other, seem to have had "an unwavering commitment to the cause as they see it"; maybe a strayed rebellious Gene inheritance from the Julien Fe`don Clan or just the need for clarity or dissenting opinions; the latter being a required necessity under our democracy.
Whatever it was, cudos should be given to them, at least for their efforts because under a different form of government, both could have been "making ah gaol" as "the Londoner" could attest or worse yet, be subjected to the humiliations of physical abuse in public on their persons, for which "the Singer" still bears the psychological scars today.

But in the last few years, it seems like the politicization of free speech had taken a litigious turn, where the desires of public elected servants to seek redress in our courts seem to take precedent over the public interest to be informed on all matters. This antidote to criticisms and alternative opinions is one, which in my opinion, runs congruent to our democracy and begs for a good public lashing to be given to the Legal Luminaries on the Prevy Counsel that found it necessary to "lock the jaws" of our prolific public interest advocate and political antagonist/provocateur.

And as a result of this, we are now left with an "information void" where important issues like "the growing impact of religious autonomy on our society" in this climate of intolerance for the welfare of the general public at large; the shackles of a bloated national debt being placed around the necks of our Grenadian people; the resulting perpetual dia economic condition of our nation in an environment of our Home Grown Economic Adjustment Initative under the auspices of the IMF and lastly, the growing marginalized sector of our society which must be kept at bay to calm their frustratons against the economic progressives in our country.

So in light of last Thursday's address to our nation by our esteemed PM to showcase our economic accomplishments -the facts and figures notwithstanding- I am concern as to whether the picture being portrayed in his speech was seen as reflecting the feelings of 'We! The People' or 'John Public' as they must certainly develop crafty and ingenious ways of sustainance just to stay alive in some cases.

And as we had heard our PM telling us about the "all positive economic indicators surpassing budget expectations"; the support/backing of the IMF to use their credentialing authority to ensure continued borrowing initatives for our country; the "stay the course" calibrated direction given by our Right Honorable Captain "Bligh" as we navigate through these unchartered waters of uncertainty, how can these "two Fletcher Christians of Grenadian politics", Lloyd and Sandra continue to travel in "calmer waters" and not provide us with an interpretation of this claim by our government that the long awaited better days had indeed arrived?

And still, the PM did not emphasize to the people, the comprehensiveness of the IMF good "back to back report" because it had contained more "good news" that would have eased the pain on John Public.

Here is what our PM failed to mention:

1. As stated in the IMF report, our country's annual economic growth was 3.9 % (better than the U.S's 1.9% as the ole Revo boys would have said.....lol)

2. Our debt to Gross Domestic Product ratio was reduced from 108% was 72%. In real terms, this meant we were using $1.08 in debt to create $1 in goods and services produced by our country. But by 2016 we were only using $0.72 to create that same dollar in sevices.

3. Our national debt, (a once highpoint of approximately two Billion dollars ($2,000,000,000) which was once touted as a life-line of our existence, seems to be moving back in an unimaginable direction. The infinite wisdom of the IMF has provide us with "the formula for decreasing it, by borrowing more" from them. Thus far, they have provided us with approximately US $20 Million (EC $54,000,000) towards this achievement.

This last accomplishment falls into synch with the sentiments of our home grown Milton Friedman of economics, "Marcus Garvey of Concord". Some of you may recall that it was He! who had introduced us to this advanced economic construct, where he opined some years ago that "in order for Grenada to get out of debt, we must incur more! debt".

This is precisely the result of the number two above.

So just what has happened to Lloydy and San-san?
In their hay days, you could have betted that their clarion call would have pierced the ears of our PM, demanding an interpretation on this report. Even our noted Economists, Dr.'s Noel and Vincent have continued to remain silent on this matter while being cognoscent of the Devil's residence . My only hope now, is that our own "Talkshop Selwyn" would come to the rescue of We, the people; the John Public; the Average man on the Street before Downstreet starts singing "kumbaya" in we dash! ears in his impending final contest for the office Prime Minister.

As a side note,

Selwyn has reported that DS, in his inebriated state was heard to be saying "just give im all fifteen seats again!....just give im!.

The Monsieur from the French Quarters.