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Nice try VJL

Why did you have to mention me, and my pardner Selwyn, in your highly analytical thesis on the effects of the IMF on the faltering Grenadian economy, and the efforts of the brave Captain to apply lip stick to pigs snout. Like many of our academically challenged colleagues, I too was struggling to glean kernels of wisdom and enlightenment from your treatise, praying all along that the French Fisherman will not throw any "pick en gouge bait" in my direction, but it is like you could not pull in your lines and row back to the L"anse without juking TSS and myself.

Of course as a long time observer of the psyche, and mores of the French Quarterites, the smokescreen laid down by your piece "aint foolin we de Downstreet Peeple".Be honest, what really brought you out, was the announcement by the PM that he was looking for a caretaker for the St Johns Constituency. A position you and your fellow travelers see as "your Birth right". So your piece is actually the opening salvo, in pursuit of your mission, to lead the citizens of the parish.No? Didn't mean to expose your hidden agenda mon amie, but whether the South-siders will accept a Northerner at the helm of our sloop, is debatable.

I have to give credit to those who can warm up left-over oil down every five years, and serve it to John public as fresh made. Maybe this time it will be presented as an item of French cuisine, "bagette frut de cochon." Oh and while we oildowning, you must have heard that we oil-upping once again,step aside,VJL, dont let the black gold, gush all over, yuh fresh white Nike sneakers.Its gonna be a Black Black Christmas.

Anyway you spin it, without a serious attempt to fix and maintain a stable economy, instead of boasting about grants, loans and hand-outs, all those efforts could be accurately summed up as a pigs breakfast. Maybe it's time to revisit Selwyn's "1000 Mexicans", now here is a platform you can snatch up, and run on. Selwyn would not mind, as long as you keep running the Rivers.

Re: Nice try VJL - by Vernon Louison - Jun 12, 2017 10:53pm
Re: Nice try VJL - by Downstreet - Jun 14, 2017 1:58pm